Winter Donkey Care {How do you take care of a donkey in the winter?}

Winter Donkey Care is easy. All healthy donkeys grow extra fluffy long coats for winter.

In fact, most of the time they seem to enjoy the winter more so than the summer. They certainly are spunkier!! 

Still, to insure their comfort and ease my mind, I provide extra care in the winter. It’s not that hard.

Do Donkeys Need Stabling?

I like to make sure there is extra bedding in the barns. My donkeys rarely get stalled and enjoy roaming over our pastures and woodlots. They do like to get in the barn on windy and cold rainy days, so I make sure there’s extra straw, or an evenly spread out the hay they waste. It makes a big difference and helps keep the floor dry since during cold rain and snow, they stand in the barn a lot.

I like to have an option to stall my donkeys, though. Most donkeys will not appreciate being shut up in a stall. Here is a video on how I train them to accept being stabled or stalled.

Its important that they have water at all times so freezing can be an issue. We have electricity at the barn but I do not trust de-icers personally. I do place my water buckets in the barn and build up straw around them. This typically keeps the water from freezing solid here in TN and they can easily break the top layer to get a drink. Most of my donkeys have access to a freshwater year around spring that never freezes. Something to keep in mind if you’re hunting for a farm! It sure makes life easier knowing they will never run out of water.

Other Winter Donkey Care Tips

🌟I make sure I have plenty of rain rot remedies on hand. Some of my donkeys just love to stand in the rain! With rain and then humidity high in TN unfortunately, skin issues can pop up on some of them. Check out my DIY Rain Rot recipe and pre-made option that works! 

Rain Rot in Donkeys {FREE Home Remedy}

Winter donkey care can mean extra grooming. Donkeys get muddy! Mine will roll in the mud. If left with mud caked on their long winter fur this can cause fungus growth and some nasty skin problems. Check out my donkeys grooming article and watch my grooming a really dirty donkey video on youtube! 

How to Groom a Donkey

Donkey Blankets

Donkey blankets for winter are typically unnecessary. If you have an elderly donkey or a donkey that isn’t healthy, you may need to blanket your donkey, though. 

When I first got donkeys, I was SO confused about what temperature to blanket a donkey or if I even should blanket! Opinions on the subject are all over the place!

winter donkey care

Their carefree attitude and super thick coats in the cold weather made me decide they really didn’t need them. Southeast winters are mild compared to many areas. I keep a couple of blankets for donkeys on hand, just in case.

Whenever I buy something for my donkeys, I like it to be custom made. They are just too hard to fit into horse gear. I also like my donkey gear to be made by someone who makes for donkeys specifically. 

If you are in the UK and need a donkey blanket (or donkey rug) check out this business: Tack and Turnout

If you are in the USA check out: Casicielo Farm

Winter Donkey Care

I hope you have found this article helpful. I have many resources to help people be successful with their donkeys. Videos, Books, Courses, custom donkey halters and even a membership group. If you love donkeys, you’ll want to check out the many resources I offer. 

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