Training Donkeys: Perspective

Training Donkeys and perspective. 

🌟When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change🌟

training donkeys

Couldn’t tack up due to my hand injury.. but Jasper didn’t mind alittle fun ride around the arena bareback.
He takes direction pretty good off leg pressure in the arena and on off the farm trails. So I don’t really have to use my reins here.
🌸However, riding outside the arena on the farm he tends to pull towards 2 things, an area I call the redneck arena where we typically work on hard things there and he gets rewarded or he’ll try to pull towards this arena. This is where the barrels and cones are that we work on direction.. again an area of rewards 🤣 Smart boy!

Training Donkeys… its not all about you…

So some trainers or owners would get really mad about this … and do exactly the opposite of what the donkey (mule or horse) wants to do because they HAVE to win 🤔
But I’m more like.. why would I get mad at this? Because he has a brain that remembers and wants to go where he’s had good experiences with me?
I’m not gonna get mad about that! 🤣

It’s about the way you look at things…

I guess it’s all about Perspective…
Because here’s the other thing I look at.. there’s a time and place for me to say ‘no Jasper, you have to allow me to make the decisions’ and he has to agree with me. I’ve worked hard to get Jasper to agree with me when it comes to those moments.
🌼Then there’s a time to say ‘ok Jasper let’s go to the arena and work on hard stuff because you are smart and want to earn rewards for challenging things’
🌸🌸I have to weigh in what he wants and what I need from him … and in a way, I actually need for him to want to go to an arena and work on hard stuff! 😁😁😁
I had fun… he had fun… we had a fantastic, beautiful time!

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