How do you teach a donkey to lead?

Since, How do you teach a donkey to lead, is a common question it was May’s monthly donkey training challenge! I’ve taught ALL kinds of donkey personalities to lead. Pushy, nippy, unmotivated, not confident, untrusting… young, old, foals, geldings, intact jacks, females. Trust me, all of them can learn to lead and lead well. I’ve got different training methods for different donkeys.
I could consider my donkey training membership group the Ultimate Guide on training donkeys to lead because there are so many case studies on all these different donkeys. This months challenge adds to that donkey training library that just keeps growing. I’m a firm believer that a donkey needs to lead well for its care giver. It’s such a joy to have a donkey that leads! It’s so hard to have one that doesn’t…

Monthly Challenge: Leading! And leading WELL!!!

I’ve got several videos going into patreon this month and I’ve posted a few before..
J here used to push into me and try to bite my leg.. yikes!! 😳 he was NOT fun to lead!!! so if you have a pushy donkey when leading see his ‘pushy donkey’ videos. With consistent work and leading exercises he is much better now!
how to teach a donkey to lead
Then I have lower energy Dylan.. he isn’t motivated to do anything much but pull things! Leading him isn’t a lot of fun… he sneakily tries to drop back and drag behind.. hoping I won’t notice so then maybe he can nibble some grass!! Ugh! 🤦‍♀️
he doesn’t enjoy exploring like some of my other guys do and that’s ok… I’m working on making things more fun for him!!!
But… over all.. I need him to do better.
More importantly… I KNOW he can do better! ☀️

How do you train a donkey to lead?

I already have leading videos for donkeys in the membership group. Leading a liberty and getting started. Even videos on leading a pushy donkey. Now leading and training the less motivated donkey are added this month!
Dylan’s videos, how I get more forward movement and improvements will be added May 2021.
🌼spoiler: I’ve been working with him for over 2 weeks now and the improvements are incredible!

Also added to help….

💕As well as, random donkey chat in the barn about how to tell if your donkey is unmotivated or in pain.. this short chat is available to the public on a podcast. The podcast is here: Unmotivated or in Pain?
💕Video on YouTube with a tip on training unmotivated donkeys
Everything else will be in patreon! If you’ve not joined up, what are you waiting for? Join the donkey training fun! Donkey Training Membership Group 
Hope this helps and you guys find time to work on leading this month if that’s a hole in your donkeys training♥️♥️
Leading well is SO important!!!
it’s a huge part of how I ‘train on the trail’ and it’s a huge part of how I like to get daily exercise and stress relief in!
Good for donkeys… good for me!!! 🌼

How to teach a donkey to lead Updates!

Dylan’s update video at the beginning of 3 weeks leading exercises

Dylan’s Update at the end of week 3

If you are struggling with a rescue donkey that is having a hard time check out my 2 latest rescue donkey case studies. Boone and Theo