Training Donkeys Tip {Train the Individual, Not Just the Donkey}

Training Donkeys Tip. Train them as individuals. What do I mean by that? Sometimes a case study provides the best explanation.  Travellers training journey… you have probably heard donkeys hate doing stuff over and over again .. most do,, but there is always an exception to the rule or role people have commonly laid out … Read more

Rescue Donkeys Case Study of Theo and Boone

Rescue donkey training

This will be the rescue donkeys case study of Theo and Boone.  New Arrivals May 2,2021 Theo and Boone That’s their names now their names aren’t ‘stupid’ or ‘useless’ or ‘dog food’ and they aren’t ‘just donkeys’.. and no one is mad at them anymore because they can’t do their “job”. Yesterday was hard.. I’ve … Read more

Rescue Donkeys {Part 3} Techniques to rescue a donkey from the kill pen you can handle.

rescue donkeys

This is part 3, the final part in the series of the rescue donkeys articles. I hope you have found them insightful and helpful in making a decision about whether a rescue donkey is right for you. You can find the other 2 articles here: Rescue a Donkey {Part 1} Be Prepared and Rescue Donkey {Part … Read more