Gelding a Donkey

gelding a donkey

Anyone who finds themselves with an intact male donkey needs to understand ‘gelding’. Some people know that jacks can be unpredictable and require this surgery, sadly not all people are informed when they bring one home. I mean this article to give you some insight to the procedure. Although gelding surgery is a routine procedure, … Read more

Rescue Donkeys {Part 3} Techniques to rescue a donkey from the kill pen you can handle.

rescue donkeys

This is part 3, the final part in the series of the rescue donkeys articles. I hope you have found them insightful and helpful in making a decision about whether a rescue donkey is right for you. You can find the other 2 articles here: Rescue a Donkey {Part 1} Be Prepared and Rescue Donkey {Part … Read more

Donkey Care: ACV and Garlic

Donkey care: easy DIY recipe

A big part of my donkey care program is about supportive herbs and natural supplements. Garlic and ACV (apple cider vinegar) are an important cornerstone of the basic health care support I can provide. Both are inexpensive and contain multiple benefits. You may already know of the multiple benefits they provide humans. They do pretty … Read more