Shedding Tool (When do Donkeys Shed Winter Coat)

In the spring, Donkeys can use some help from a shedding tool! To help donkeys shed their winter coat it can’t just be any shedding tool like the ones used for horses though.

When do Donkeys Shed Winter Coat

Donkeys don’t shed their winter coat here in Tennessee until mid-June to July. I don’t agree with shaving it all off though. Donkeys coats help protect their skin until it gets adjusted to the sun and helps regulate their body temperature. It also helps shield them from the hoards of spring bugs and flies that show up practically overnight. Here in TN we get cool nights all through May some years too. I feel like clipping the winter coat off could do more harm than good unless the donkey has hormonal problems and can’t shed, like cushings for example.

Best Ever Shedding Tool to Help Donkeys shed Winter Coat

This is the tool I use and LOVE to help my donkeys shed winter coat. Livestock Shedding Tool

My horse shedding aids did not help my donkeys. The horses coat is very different from a donkeys. Donkeys have a longer coat and its much courser. In the spring and early summer, this tool is just part of my donkey grooming routine. It’s a good thing they love it!

shedding tool when do donkey shed winter coat

Using the Shedding Tool

  1. Make sure your donkey is used to grooming tools. (See How to Groom a Donkey for my favorite tools that work great on donkeys) If your donkey is scared of brushes, the shedding tool might not help. My level 1 training and level 2 training can help with this. 
  2. Make sure to brush all the debris, dirt and loose hairs off your donkey. You want the coat smooth as possible so that the tool doesn’t get caught and pull. 
  3. Use short strokes with the tool and let the donkey get used to the feel of it. 

Here is a video of me showing how easy this tool works on Flash, who has the longest, most course coat of any donkey I’ve ever had. You’ll see how easy it is to remove the hair too. You can also see how much he enjoys it because he happily stands at liberty to allow me to use it on him.

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