Sarcoids in Donkeys

Sarcoids in Donkeys do occur and when they do its a scary thing!

Last year I found 2 on my donkey Clyde’s chest. I was SO upset because I had read about them before and hoped I never had to deal with them on any of my donkeys or rescues. 

I knew I would try to treat naturally because the treatment for them is just all over the place and honestly does not make a lot of sense. 

Where to Start: Healing Sarcoids in Donkeys

First I researched herbal products, immune system boosters and essential oils that would be helpful. Then I did talk to a couple of people who had success treating naturally and what they did to rid their mule/horse or donkey from these things. 

Then I put together my own treatment plan based on what I found and some tried and true products others found success with. I do believe a natural sarcoid treatment needs a healthy diet base. Keep that in mind. If your donkey isn’t getting a donkey appropriate healthy diet then no herb or oil will help very well.

sarcoids in donkeys

Natural Sarcoid Treatment Plan

I wrote out everything I did to rid my donkey of those nasty sarcoids. What herbal products, what EO’s and extra things I did to help his immune system. He’s been sarcoid free for almost a year now!

Hope this helps anyone who’s donkey has sarcoids. They don’t go away on their own! You need to help your donkey get rid of them and then make sure your donkey stays healthy with things like Herbal Minerals and a donkey appropriate diet! 

Here is the link to the Sarcoid Treatment Plan

It’s also available in the Natural Donkey Care Course with many other things to help your donkeys be the healthiest they can be and live their best lives!

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