Saddle Donkey Training Update

Saddle Donkey Training Update: Traveller Training session!

Saddle donkey training update for Traveller! I’m going to tell you a little bit about how I encouraged a traumatized rescue donkey to start accepting his new job as a riding donkey.
He is really doing great. This is an example of what we are working on these days.
We are working mostly from the ground but a little from saddle too… we work on
💕 and take direction
A few of my favorite things!

Kill Pen to Saddle Donkey! How????

♥️🥰 Traveller has over come a lot in the year he’s been here.. he was completely shut down when I got him. Body full of bare spots and scars, signs of imbedded halter scars… his eyes were just so void and looked so hopeless.. sad.. just looking at his face for the first couple of months made me sad.
I had to get him to gain weight before my vet would geld him… he was only 6 years old but looked and acted so old and tired😢
I happen to LOVE almost any kind of groundwork; training on the hiking trail, Liberty play, obstacle courses, ground driving, etc… here’s why:
🌼 it’s fun!
🌼we get exercise
🌼But most important, because that’s where the strongest relationship is built… from the ground.. not from the back.
Traveller,, loved these things too, and his confidence grew!!! So did his trust in me..
☀️☀️☀️Once he got that foundation of positive reinforcement, I saw the light come back into his eyes ☀️☀️☀️
There’s nothing like seeing that! 🌼 Next thing I knew he was targeting the halter without even being asked,, waiting at the gate for me… cantering when I call.. yep! He will actually canter to me if he’s out in the field … not even Phinny (our corgi) gets that excited to see me 🤣

The Worst thing you can do when training a riding donkey…

He’s still a more sensitive donkey though,, very aware of his surroundings and concerned for safety.. he’s bit high strung as most forward movers are..
So I take saddle training very slow… ok who am I kidding I always take saddle training slow!
To me, the worst thing you can do is get a new donkey and throw a saddle on it every-time you see it! That’s a great way to make the impression that you are no fun at all!!!!
♥️We gotta be friends first … make a connection… I let them choose to say no to me.. and at first they say no ALOT!!!
That’s ok.. who’s in a hurry 🤷‍♀️ certainly not me…
But when they say “yes” to halter me up.. trying to push their way to the front of the herd ,,, let’s do something… pick me!!!!
now that feels amazing, 🤩 more amazing than any ride!

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