Saddle Breeching

If you ride a donkey or mule you’ll probably need a saddle breeching. A saddle breeching helps keep the saddle from sliding up on donkeys and mules since they don’t have high withers like a horse.

Also know as a donkey britchen or mule saddle britchen, these pieces of tack are usually made of leather or other hard materials. Sometimes those materials on such a high moving area cause rub sores on the donkey. They can also feel tight and restrictive.

I designed my saddle breeching with mohair. Mohair is made to move with the donkey, it never rubs sores and it wicks moisture. Mohair cinches have long been the choice for equine that can be prone to galling. In my experience, tacky back and other cinches galled my ponies, but mohair never did!! I switched all my cinches to mohair and never looked back!

Custom Made Designer Saddle Breeching

Here is a video showing my custom saddle breeching in action and measuring. 


Donkey Britchen, Mule Britchen, Riding Britchen

No matter what you call it, saddle breeching is a standard part of tack for equine, like mules and donkeys.  Even when the saddle fits perfectly, because these equine do not have high withers the saddle will often slide when riding hills or even when riding at a trot or canter on flat ground. 

A sliding saddle is uncomfortable for a donkey and may cause it to dislike riding and in some cases bolt! I’ve had it happen to me with a donkey. Now I train all my donkeys to be desensitized to a sliding saddle, but its not something I want them to have to deal with. They need to be as comfortable as possible!

An uncomfortable mule or donkey will not give you the best ride. My saddle donkeys comfort is actually more important than my own!

If you would like to order you donkey or mule a saddle breeching (Riding britchen!) Check out this link for info on how to do that! Pick your own colors and design too! Mohair tack is not only the most comfy, its also the most beautiful! 

saddle breeching

Mohair Saddle Breeching Link 

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