Rescue Donkeys Case Study of Theo and Boone

This will be the rescue donkeys case study of Theo and Boone. 
New Arrivals 😥 May 2,2021

Theo and Boone

That’s their names now 😢😢 their names aren’t ‘stupid’ or ‘useless’ or ‘dog food’ and they aren’t ‘just donkeys’.. and no one is mad at them anymore because they can’t do their “job”.
Yesterday was hard.. I’ve never picked up donkeys from a more uncaring, cold hearted person😞

About the rescue donkeys that now have names..

They were living with her goats until they couldn’t walk the fields anymore..
So she was giving them away now that they can barely walk, and she didn’t want to feed them anymore.. obviously she wasn’t feeding them for a very long time. They are skin and bones. The black one has a rather large head for his body which tells me he’s possibly stunted. We will see how he fills out with good food now. This is years and years of neglect… physically and mentally for these two donkeys.
She said she was going to shoot them and feed them to her dogs if no one come to get them… that was hard to hear… and apparently not even the kill pen guys wanted these donkeys.
Yes,, I was horrified and it was hard not to just cry right there in her yard.. and then I felt bad for her.. what made her so cold and unfeeling. To look at these helpless, hurting, starving animals and not feel anything but annoyed or mad😢

I’m not a rescue but I rescue donkeys

Pls know… I am NOT a rescue… I’m just a donkey crazy girl that tries to take local male donkeys in when I can because they are at high risk. There are so many jacks…to many! Of ALL sizes!
I understand a lot of rescues aren’t set up to take studs. People don’t want studs and won’t spend the money to have them gelded … so I purposely have my farm focused on taking studs for that reason and more.
Though.. these guys won’t be studs for long…
I’ll add updates on this new rescue donkeys case study to my Youtube channel and here on the website. I’ll add their training videos to the membership group on patreon. 
My donkey membership group on patreon helps me take in rescue donkeys like this💕 
I love your support and donkeys like these 2 have a chance for something better now ♥️
Thank you♥️ 
I hope my members get info to help their own donkeys with all the resources I add every month… that’s super important to me!!!! That membership has value and helps people with their dream donkey goals!! 🤩
I can’t take them all!! The smaller ones and the standards are easier for me to manage that the mammoths. Especially for a long term rehab like these guys will need..
♥️but know your membership goes beyond that ♥️
I’ll do what I can for these guys.. To read all their update articles you can check the menu under Rescue Donkeys

Interested in Learning how to Train donkeys?

I can help you… and by helping you with your donkey… you also help donkeys like Theo and Boone. 

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