Rescue Donkey Update: Boone and Theo

Rescue donkey update on Boone and Theo.

This has been a very difficult rescue for me… I know their feet hurt; I know they have a ton of mental scarring and I know they have zero trust but I also see them try… not because they like me though… just because they are so worried about getting food!

Even though they have their own huge round bale of hay.. forage from a large woodlot and small paddock. Their rehab diet also includes:

  • Timothy pellets
  • soaked beet pulp
  • YL essential oil DiGize to help expel parasite gently! These guys are wormy, no doubt, but a chemical dewormer could cause a rapid release of parasites that can cause colic and other issues.
  • Flax seed oil
  • The treats for training they are getting are low carb but have alfalfa in them. Alfalfa can help soothe ulcers. Starving can cause equine to develop ulcers. I’m also using a flax seed treat too. 
  • They are getting free choice mix of nutrient rich herbals. You can read more about those in my ebook here: Nutrient Rich Herbals
  • And they are getting Vermont Blend minerals (recommended by my fabulous new farrier!)

I have used their extreme motivation for food to my advantage and they are haltering regular.. Theo was haltered at 8 days here and Boone at 10 days. Their complete halter training videos are in my patreon group.

Trying to Find a Training Balance that won’t hurt them in the future

If you’ve been following me you know I HATE to hurry training.. I don’t believe “flooding” training techniques work long term.. in fact, I know from personal experience they almost ALWAYS backfire later.

So I’m trying to balance this out by multiple short sessions throughout a day… I don’t want a donkey that can only be caught in a small area! They shouldn’t have to be “caught” at all! I want them to come willingly and not turn away. 

So far so good… Theo is allowing the halter in the small training area and the larger area with the gate open to their larger wood lot. 

To see how my “helpful husband” sets up a quick training area they can be separated in but not scared watch this video! Donkey Training Area (Quick and Easy)

Boone is more careful about the halter, but he’s allowing me to pet him way more than Theo at this point.

Here is a video I did week 1 on their rescue donkey update:

Rescue Donkeys Boone and Theo at 3 days here

Rescue Donkey Training and Help

Gelding Update: That is set for next week the 27th or 28th. Hoping my farrier can get to them end of this week or next when they are down for the gelding surgery. 

I’ll continue to post updates on YT and social media. All their full training videos, including their hoof rehab will be in my Donkey Training Membership group of course.

The membership to patreon is to help you be successful with your donkey. It also allows me to keep this website running, videos coming, and it allows me to take in and care for rescue donkeys. You get the help you need for your donkeys and you get to help other donkeys as well. That’s a beautiful thing!