Rain Rot in Donkeys {FREE HOME REMEDY}

Rain rot in donkeys hasn’t been a huge problem for me but it occurs occasionally in especially wet years and especially on my white donkey, Jeb.

Since I like my donkeys to live outside naturally in a herd, I have to prevent rain rot here in the southeast during those really wet years.

The first year one of my donkeys had a problem (it’s always the white donkey!) I tried several options at my local co-op and TSC. Most were pricey and didn’t deliver the results I wanted. They seemed to dry out his skin and make it worse, really. All but one option! But it has a drawback too… more below.

I dove in and did some research, got some advice from one of my vets and came up with an excellent formula to help prevent and treat rain rot in donkeys. I will share my DIY rain rot but also the very best store-bought solution!!!

If you are unfamiliar with what rain rot really is, here is a good article from Practical Horseman Rain Rot.

There are many skin conditions a donkey can suffer. You can take a look here to see if your donkeys’ skin ailment looks more like one of these Common Equine Skin Conditions

Why bother with Natural Donkey Care? 

With all the hidden chemicals and fake harmful fragrances allowed in human and animal products, I feel very strongly about using natural products on my donkeys when I can. What I use on my donkeys is inhaled by me and my family too. Including my young grandson. These harmful chemicals are easily absorbed into our skin too.

I want my products for my donkeys (and my family) to be as non-toxic as possible! So Natural Donkey care is a way of life. It’s not hard to get started making your own DIY natural donkey care products. In the long run, they will save you money too!

Even leather conditioners can be full of toxic chemical fragrance, and they do not have to list them on the label! 

Natural donkey care

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Key Ingredients For my Rain Rot Home Remedy Spray

Frankincense oil helps soothe skin that is irritated, itchy or damaged and is known to promote cellular health and immunity. It is perfectly safe for donkeys and people. I use it in skin care products and in my diffuser. I love it! 

Tea Tree Oil is a broad spectrum antiseptic with high levels of biocidal activity against bacteria, fungi, and insects. I use tea tree in several of my DIY equine products. 

Comfrey oil is one of my all-time favorites for skin healing. It is an excellent source of vitamin B12 and allantoin! I make a comfrey oil infusion for this recipe. This is a key ingredient and this recipe does not work as well without it. I make my own but I provide a link to a store bought option below. 

In this previous post, I explain how I make an herbal oil infusion. It is super easy! The instructions on how to make an herbal oil infusion is on the post for my  Donkey Grooming {FREE Recipe Coat Conditioner)

Grab that recipe to while you’re there for a great coat conditioner as well as detangler if your donkeys ever get into burrs like mine did!

The rest of the recipe

Most of us know the wonderful benefits ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) which is wonderful for fungus, burns, wounds and skin infections! I like ACV that has the ‘mother’ in it but the other works too.

Vegetable glycerin is soothing and reduces skin inflammation. Vitamin E is amazing for skin healing.

That’s why I added these particular ingredients. I use only Young Living oils now. I’m getting MUCH better results using them than I did with any other brand I used. The links ro oils are my referral number to sign up with Young Living. You get a welcome gift from me personally with your first purchase! If you need help contact me directly at angie@donkeylistener.com

Now the recipe!

Rain Rot Horse Home Remedy Spray

1/4 Cup Infused Comfrey Oil 

1/2 cup AVC

2 Cups of Water
1 Tsp. Vitamin E oil (optional)
20 Drops of Frankincense OIl
20 Drops of Tea Tree Oil

1/2 Cup Vegetable Glycerin

Optional: a capful of Young Living Thieves cleanser. I always have it on hand!!!!

Mix all ingredients in a jar and shake well. Pour into a spray bottle. Shake vigorously before applying to the affected area. This helps keep my donkeys free of nasty rain rot during rainy times.

I use as a preventative on the donkeys I know love to stand in the rain more than others for an ounce of prevention! I hope it helps your donkeys or horses like it has mine!

Best Store-Bought Remedy for Rain Rot in Donkeys

The very best store-bought solution for rain rot in donkeys is Nu-Stock! It’s also good for ringworm and mites. I use Nu-Stock is I want the hair to grow back quickly. Sometimes in the winter, my donkeys’ long coats hide bald spots of rain rot and I want the rain rot stopped fast and hair to start growing back immediately.

If the mineral oil is concerning to you like it was to me you can make you’re own healthy version of Nustock like I did! The recipe is in my Donkey Training group or you can find it in the Essential Oils For Donkeys Course. 

It really encourages rapid hair growth! I’ve seen nothing like it. Watch this video to see what rain rot in donkeys looks like, my favorite products drawback, and how I apply it to avoid its drawback.

 You can also use it on dogs for mange. My equine medicine cabinet always has a bottle of this in it. Definitely a must-have!!!


Rain rot in donkeys FREE DIY
Pretty and shiny! No rain rot here!

Still unsure? Check out Jasper’s 2 week update and be amazed!

Essential Oils for Donkeys

Want more about making your own essential oils for donkey’s kit? Formulas, safety precautions, dilution chart and more! Check out my ebook! Click the picture for more info.

essential oils for donkeys

Essential Oils have helped me support my donkeys’ physical and mental health many times. They have even aided me in taming a couple of wild donkeys! I posted about that and a formula for calming Donkey Care [Calming a Stressed Donkey]

Until next time… May you and your donkeys be blessed, happy and living a life in balance!

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