Pulled Wool Saddle Pad

Why choose a pulled wool saddle pad over all the other many saddle pad options on the market? 

Why Pulled Wool Saddle Pads?

The primary purpose of a wool saddle pad or blanket is to protect the back and to absorb shock. Some fibers and construction techniques are better at this than others! 

  • Wool is the best material for protecting the back and absorbing shock. 
  • Wool breathes and wicks moisture away from the skin, preventing hot spots that can cause sores. 
  • The construction of the continuous loops of a pulled wool pad provides air flow and reduces sores caused by trapped heat.
  • Pure wool is Antimicrobial & Antibacterial and helps prevent the spread of epidermal viruses.
  • Lasting. The hard-wearing qualities of pure wool and the construction of the pulled wool pad mean they last for decades! No more buying a new pad every year.

A Special note for donkey riders… the longer hair of a donkey causes some pads to slip more when they get sweaty. This is NOT a problem with this pad! 

Donkey tack Pulled wool saddle pad

Also… my saddle donkeys move better in a pulled wool pad. That says a lot. It means they feel more comfortable and that’s extremely important to me.

Ordering your own Custom Pulled Wool Pad

I can make you a custom pulled wool saddle pad in your desired size, choice of colors and designs. Horses, mules or donkeys, all equine benefit from a pulled wool saddle pad.

You can go to this link for ordering information. 

Pulled Wool Saddle Pads

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Other Custom Tack made from Pulled Wool

Seat savers for your own comfort and harness saddle pads made in pulled wool construction techniques are also available. Email angie@donkeylistener.com for more info.

Check out this link for more info on Custom Donkey Tack

pulled wool saddle pad

pulled wool saddle pad