How to Transport a Donkey {Ultimate Guide to Trailer Loading a Donkey}

Need to know how to transport a donkey? Trailer loading a donkey is just like anything else… you need time, patience and a plan to train them for it. It’s not easy but its’ not difficult if you don’t allow it to be difficult.

So change your mind set if you’re thinking it will be to hard and I’ll go over how I train my donkeys for trailer loading.

Reasons Your Donkey NEEDS to know how to Load

  • You may want to take your donkey off the farm for activities, such as; a burro race, hiking, camping, a walk or ride with different scenery.
  • If you do not have a mobile vet available you may need to trailer your donkey to a vet if it gets sick
  • It’s an excellent training exercise to build trust and build the donkeys confidence. 

The Donkey Trailer Loading Guide

From the trailer, the truck to pull it, an outlined easy to follow course with videos and even a first outing checklist. All this information should help you get your donkey loading up without drama!

Our First “Donkey Trailer” video. My husband goes over improvements and safety checks to make.

He also did a video on trucks to pull a trailer. 

I have created a trailer loading course guide complete with pre-training ideas and videos showing you step by step how I train a donkey to load using positive reinforcement. 

I feature a donkey that is completely untrained to load, Flash. This was not an over night or short process but in the process Flash learned to trust me more with each session. He also learned to actually like the trailer! 

The Trailer Loading Course 

how to transport a donkey

How to Transport a Donkey: Tips for your first outing!

Included with the course is a PDF bonus with travel tips. There is also a checklist of things to take for your first outing with your donkey! 

Enjoy Life with the Best Companions ever!

Getting out and enjoying nature with my donkey has been the best addition to my life!! It’s really added a whole other level of quality to life and gives me something to look forward too!

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