How to Train a Donkey

How to train a donkey? There are many paths to training, many methods, and many tools you can use. Ultimately, it’s about what works for you and the donkey. 

The fact is all animals that are meant to be a companion of any kind will get along better in the human world if they are trained. And all animals will appreciate a two-way communication element in their training.

It’s a win/win for the person and the donkey!

HOw to train a donkey

If you are just starting out with donkeys you may want to read this post here

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 Donkey Training Tips and Information

Got a training goal? Here is something that helps me achieve my training goals

 Donkey Training Tips {FREE Training Planner}

Training A Donkey for more than a pet

There is the potential of that wonderful companion donkey becoming more. The more you want to train the donkey for, the more you will bond with the animal. Riding, driving or sharing farm works are all things donkeys are capable of and more.

Read Hiking with Donkeys 

Something as simple as hiking can have an impact on your life as well as the bond with your donkeys.

There is nothing wrong with pasture pets, but once you begin working with a donkey and learning how to train a donkey, their attitude changes. They don’t just come to you for food and a scratch or two anymore.

Now they come to enjoy something more with you. It’s a very good feeling when my donkeys are waiting for me at the gate even with my halter in hand. Each and every one of them wants to do something with me once we learn to communicate, and they learn to trust me.

how to traing donkeys

Online Donkey Training Videos

I’ve started a donkey training membership group. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee, you can get access to an extensive library of donkey training videos, training plans, course booklets, PDF guides and SO much more! There are 2 other tiers with added benefits available.

It’s so important to me that everyone is successful with their donkey training goals. I am here to help you. Check it out here! 

Donkey Training Membership Group


How to train a donkey. But are donkeys stubborn?

Are donkeys stubborn is a question often asked when someone finds out you keep donkeys. Also, are they hard to train? They really aren’t and are actually very smart and highly trainable.

I’ve heard the term ‘donkey time’ a lot since I’ve been involved with donkeys. They do certainly have their own time they like to work on. Especially when you are ‘asking’ them to do something! Which may be something you see them do all the time.

Like Rocketman loves to trot and even canter around his large living area. But when I ask him to trot on lead for me… ummmm nope! Well, that’s how it was until we learned to understand each other. He had to trust and understand I’m not asking him for anything harmful. I had to understand how to ask and give him time to process what I was asking.

It has been noted in a recent study I read that a friendly, well-adjusted donkey can actually learn to drive a cart in less than 30 days. In fact, I have trained a donkey to drive in 8 days! So no, donkeys are not stubborn and not hard to train. But they are different than a horse or a dog. Read Driving a Donkey {Video Series from Start to Cart}

how to train a donkey

This Site About Keeping Donkeys

This site contains training help, information about donkey care, and natural health care. When time and money allow I rescue donkeys. I rehabilitate, evaluate and place on appropriate farms they will be listed on the Available Donkey page. Any donkey that leaves my farm can always come back if their owners’ life changes and they can no longer care for the donkeys.

As a member of the Donkey training membership group, you get access to the Facebook group for encouragement, training tips and help with donkeys. Be sure to answer the questions to get in!

 Natural Donkey Care and Training Facebook Group


Donkey Trainer

You can be your donkeys’ own trainer! In fact, you need to be. But for people who have trouble getting started or finding the time I do offer on-site training here on my farm as time allows. Hire a Donkey Trainer

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