How to Groom a Donkey

Donkeys usually do not need a lot of grooming to look good. If you plan to do activities where tack is involved you need to know how to groom a donkey. It’s extremely important to remove mud and dirt from your donkeys coat so it doesn’t get ground into their skin but the tack. 

I’m not into showing. If you plan to show you’ll need to really know how to groom a donkey! The donkey grooming session I show in the video is not a show groom. It’s just a typical grooming I give to a donkey when he’s really dirty.

More so than horses donkeys get dirty. When a donkey rolls in the dirt he doesn’t shake the dust off when he gets up. He only shakes his head. Donkeys also have longer, courser hair which means more dirt gets trapped. 

Donkey grooming may be more necessary during the shedding season. When those long winter hairs come out they can get trapped and matted.

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Grooming a donkey

Knowing how to groom a donkey also becomes important if you want to train for anything. Grooming is a good way to bond and gain confidence with your donkey. It’s a good way to check your donkeys for wounds or sore spots.

So let’s get to it…

How to Groom a Donkey

Grooming a donkey and how to groom a donkey

Donkey Grooming Kit

My donkey grooming kit is simple. For a normal grooming session I typically only use the short bristle weaver curry comb (link below), a cheap dollar store brush and a coat conditioner, fly repellent or rain rot prevention spray. Whatever the season calls for. 

In the video, I show an extremely dirt donkey needing major grooming. He’s got caked-on mud, he’s starting to shed and he’s an overall mess! So I have a couple of extra donkey grooming brushes for that mess! 

Not all grooming brushes are created equal! I’ve got a bag of brushes that don’t work well on donkeys at all! 

Here’s a list of what I use with links for your convenience:

Donkey grooming brushes : 

I prefer all-natural conditioner spray so I started making my own. 


Grooming A Donkey Quick Coat Conditioner Spray

Or Simply makeup 1/2 cup Apple Cider vinegar, 1/2 cup of water, 3 drops of peppermint essential oil, 3 drops of lavender oil (or oils of your choice) and a TBSP of Vitamin E oil. Shake well before use so that the oils get blended with the vinegar and water.

I only use Young Living essential oils because they give me the best results and all their 3rd party testing to prove their purity. I’d be happy to help you get started with YL if you like you can sign up through my referral and with your first purchase get a welcome gift from me personally! My YL referral link.

Here is a list of other DIY formulas I use. They are quick and easy to make. 

Homemade Fly Spray for Donkeys 

Rain Rot in Donkeys {FREE Home Remedy}  

Donkey Grooming {FREE Recipe Coat Conditioner)

The Essential Oils for Donkeys Course

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Grooming a Donkey Video

Get an extra dirty donkey super clean the easy way! 

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