How to Gain a Donkeys Trust : AKA Grooming Training

How to gain a donkeys trust by using positive methods makes things a lot easier! This month’s donkey training challenge can help you do that and more!
Every month this year I’m suggesting a monthly donkey training challenge to help give you ideas, inspiration and maybe a little direction if you don’t know what you could be training with your donkey. 
This may not seem like something that needs to be trained, but it is! A lot of donkeys have “no go” zones… I can’t have a donkey with a no-go zone if I am going to take care of it 100%…
There might be times I need to apply a salve or fly repellent to a no go area… might need to get a burr or clump of mud brushed out… if you have jennies you plan to breed you need to check their udders… got boys? you might need to doctor an infected bug bite on the sheath area….and on and on!
I need my donkeys to be ok with me in any zone of their body…

Donkey Training and Donkey Care go together!

Recently I had Buck aged by the vet. I mentioned he hasn’t dropped yet and I know he should have… the vet said well his testicles might be so small you can’t see them reach up and see if I can feel them… uh…. no…. not going to happen yet!
If I know when he drops, I can get him scheduled for gelding ASAP before his jack behavior begins.. important!
So yeah… these are things I need to work on with Buck and AJ too. They need to be ok with me in any zone of their body.
It’s also a step forward toward adding tack,,, picking up feet…. and all that.
Plus, Grooming is part of bonding. 
Getting your donkey to accept brushes and being ok with your hands is huge for building trust!

How to Gain a Donkeys Trust

Honestly… this is easy to accomplish using +R. It’s a part of Level 1 training and a foundation training.
If you are a member, there are several videos in the patreon group showing how I start this with donkeys when I bring them in… there’s one with Traveller called Grooming Training. He was extra sketchy about touch and grooming but now he LOVES it and there are no ‘zones’ he is touchy about anymore.
Not a member? Sign up here: Donkey Training Membership 
Donkey training
OR if you don’t want a complete membership, you can purchase me Level 1 Donkey Training Course: The Foundation.
Donkey Training Course
Both of those resources will help you with gaining your donkeys trust and MORE!
So add some grooming/touch training to your training schedule this month if that’s a hole in your training.