How do Donkeys Help Humans?

My name is Angelia Silvera, a.k.a the Donkey Listener and I believe the donkey is one of the most underutilized animals here in the USA. If you are here, you are probably wondering how do donkeys help humans today?

Let me tell you how they have helped me. I first brought a donkey onto my farm in 2011 as a livestock guardian for goats and poultry. They were an answer to prayers! They can be excellent guardians if you set them up for success! More on that here: Using a Guardian Donkey

In 2015 I learned about donkey milk and how it has helped so many people with various health issues. With a lot of dairy animal experience under my belt, I decided I would try to milk my jennet donkey that had been bred before I bought her. Well, donkey milk was an answer to my prayers. I had forgotten what it was like to feel good again. It helped my health issues like nothing else ever had. 

So I owe a lot to these guys, in fact, the whole human race does. Donkeys have been with humans since the beginning, working for us and taking on a lot of burdens that would have been unbearable in many situations. In lots of countries around the world, donkeys are still much-needed and farmers would have a hard time without.

But in the USA we have little use for donkeys these days, or so we think!

The Joys of Living with Donkeys

I discovered that having donkeys in my life made my life easier and more enjoyable. They provided much-needed guardian jobs where dogs and llamas had failed me. This allowed me to relax and not have to worry all the time about my vulnerable livestock. They provide help with farm work too!! And they provided much-needed compost for my gardens to grow organic, healthy vegetables and herbs! 

That’s only the start! They can do SO much to enhance your life.

I ride, drive and hike with them. This has improved my health so much. I’m in better shape thanks to my donkeys and have less stress when I spend time with them. They offer equine therapy at its best. Check out this article on Hiking with Donkeys

And check out this article here if you’re curious What Are Donkeys Used For? and find out even more ways donkeys help humans!

how do donkeys help humans

The Problem with Donkeys

The only problem I had with donkeys is lack of info on how to really train them and care for them properly. The ever-popular facebook advice of ‘train them like a horse only slower’ did not work out for any of my donkeys. Nor did most of the mule training advice I was told would work. 

Most donkeys have had little to no training in their lifetime. This makes them very hard to deal with sometimes. I’ve done a lot of research on not just equine training, but positive reinforcement training of animals in general. 

This research has been extremely helpful in getting my donkeys trained with no stress, only building our relationship. Donkey training doesn’t have to be difficult, and I’m ready to share tips to help you and your donkeys. Donkeys can’t help humans very well if we don’t know how to train them properly.

Natural Donkey Care Should be a thing!

The lack of donkey health support information is also tough. It took me weeks to find a good vet and farrier than would work with donkeys.

I am a Licensed Esthetician with certificates in herbal skincare and aromatherapy for animals. I’m also a family herbalist. Natural health care for my family and my animals has always been a priority for me. 

Many hours of research have gone into using essential oils and herbs for my donkeys to support their health.  I’m here to share all that information because all donkeys should get to reap the benefits. No need to douse our donkeys in chemicals if we don’t have to. Chemicals that are inhaled and absorbed into our skin too.

It is important to provide good health care support along with having a donkey knowledgeable vet and farrier.

A Life in Balance with Donkeys

So all these years later I’m at a point where I want to share more of what I’ve learned from and about these wonderful creatures. How they improved my life and how they can do the same for yours! If you are thinking about a donkey in your life or maybe you already have donkeys but want to truly learn to train and care for them in an extraordinary way, you are in the right place. Because this site is 100% dedicated to donkeys and their people who what them to have the very best!

That’s just a little about my life with donkeys and why I’m so grateful to have found them!

Do you need help with your donkey?

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