Hay Bags {The best and the worst!}

Hay bags have been lifesavers (and hay savers!) for me during the winter months. They prevent hay waste and slow down the donkeys. This keeps them from overeating. 

In the summer they have to do a lot of walking over the hills to seek out food in my weedy pastures and brambles. I’m also doing more activities with them. In the winter we get lots of standing around pigging out on hay though. They still have to walk to their water sources but that’s typically not enough to keep some of their weight down.

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If you are looking to build a paradise paddock habitat hay bags will become a very important part of your life. Not familiar with Paradise Paddock I highly recommend this book Paradise Paddock by Jamie Jackson

Best Hay Bags I’ve found

I’ve been through a lot of hay bags with my herd. Some were destroyed so fast it was ridiculous. Some can be harmful to your donkey or horses teeth and gums.

I review my favorites and the ones that didn’t work out in a video I’ve released on youtube. Video below! I explain what I like and dislike about each bag and why one particular kind of bag was the worst.

Spoiler: These are the bags I like best! 


I bought all the bags I talked about in the video on Amazon but the drawstring bag. You can find it here at State Line Tack Tough 1 Drawstring slow feeder hay bag 

Here is my video showing each hay bag and explaining what I like or dislike. Don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel! I release a new video twice a month about donkeys, sometimes more!

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