Halter Training a Donkey

Haltering training a donkey is one of my favorite things to train! Since most of what I bring home to train are rescue donkeys with unpleasant experiences with the halter, it’s a challenge. Even more so challenging that taking a donkey in that has been feral and has no experiences with a halter. I love the opportunity to show a donkey that the halter is a good thing and find it very rewarding. That’s why it’s one of my favorite things to train!

Halter Training a Donkey

I’ve got a nice little collection of donkey training videos that are FREE on YouTube to help you halter train a donkey. I’ve also got videos about halters. What kind of halter that works best for me and info about an important part of my halter and lead training package I sell in my donkey shop.

Ok lets get to the videos and other resources I offer to help you be successful with this goal.


How to halter train a donkey

First up I have a 3 video series featuring Rocketman. I mini donkey that I brought home from an auction that was extremely halter shy! 

Case Study: Halter Training Rocketman Part 1

Case Study: Haltering Training Rocketman Part 2

Case Study: Halter Training Rocketman Part 3

Also check out this little video of me haltering training an 8 month old donkey with clicker training. Her full length training videos are in my Donkey Training Membership Group. More on that below!

🌟I also have a video on what to do if your donkey shuts down when you put the halter on. This is a common problem for a donkey that has had negative experiences with the halter. What to do if your donkey shuts down with the halter on?

Choosing the right Donkey Halter

A well fitting donkey halter usually needs to be custom made. Horse halters will not fit a donkey’s head. Their heads are shaped very different!! Which is why I started my donkey tack business. Some people like rope halters.. but I kinda hate them and never really had a donkey respond to them as willingly as using a training lead.

Here are a few videos that can help you decide which style halter is right for you and your donkey. Also a video of how my halter training package works for training donkeys!

Rope Halters v/s Nylon Halters

best donkey halter for training

This Video shows why the training lead is so wonderful and tells you about my custom made donkey halters.

The Ultimate Donkey Halter Training Package Video!

Where to buy a donkey halter for your donkey halter training goal!

My donkey tack shop carries 2 kinds of halters!

If you’re just starting out, I highly recommend the Ultimate Donkey Halter Training Package

Once your donkey is lead trained if you want to start training for riding or driving, my Easy On Hybrid Side Pull Halter is perfect to start training.

More on Training a Donkey

If you would like more info on donkey training using positive methods then check out my Donkey Training Membership Group! Well over 100 donkey training videos, multiple case studies, donkey ebooks on care, training, alternative health care and so much more to help you be successful with your donkeys,enjoy them to the fullest as they live their best donkey life! 

Donkey Training Membership Group

You may also want to check out this training guide: How do you teach a donkey to lead?

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