Fly Repellent Ointment for Equine

Do you hate flies bother your donkeys but also hate the poisons in the commercial fly sprays that can cause more harm than good? I came up with this fly repellent ointment that really works well to keep the flies off my herd.

Fly season gets bad TN, especially wet years. You would use this fly repellent ointment similar to how you might use Swat. Before I got into making my own products I used Swat with success. 

Some ingredients in Swat are actually ‘natural’ but can still be toxic. So take care when using. That’s the thing about a product called natural sometimes it can still be harmful. Even essential oils misused can be harmful! More about natural but toxic ingredients here: Pesticides are everywhere. I can’t control ALL the things we come in contact with but I can control a lot of them!

I love making my own products, but I realize not everyone has the time. So I do offer this salve pre-made if you are interested. If you are in my patreon group don’t forget to use your 15% off coupon code! To order:

Pre-Made Fly Repellent Salve 

Why It Matters?

It’s important to me that I keep my horses and donkeys as chemical-free as possible!!

I came up with this fly repellent ointment several years ago. I have donkeys that have allergic reactions to chemical fly sprays. Those chemicals soak into the skin and enter their bloodstream. If you touch them, they do the same to you. I like to hug my donkeys without worry.

I use the manure from my equine in my gardens, which I prefer to keep organic! Chemicals soak into the skin and many are still present in the manure and urine 🙁

I also have to take into consideration our ponds because the chemicals can run off and kill fish and our honey bees which may be sensitive to many of the chemicals used in dewormers and other equine products. Compared to other livestock  I’ve managed, the donkeys are easier to keep chemical-free. A huge plus for my organic farm.

But when It’s summer, the equine draw flies which carry diseases and irritation.

So I came up with a fly repellent ointment that also has skin healing agents to soothe bites! It works SO well on their legs and ears. I also have a homemade fly spray if you prefer to use a spray Homemade Fly Spray for Donkeys

fly repellent ointment donkey care

The Ingredients for My Homemade Fly Repellent Ointment

When I started out with equine several years ago I asked my Equine Veterinarian about fly sprays. He literally laughed and said none of them really work. So why in the world would I use all these chemicals that don’t even work well!?! That’s just crazy to me and not to mention a huge waste of money. Fly sprays are so expensive! The chemical fragrances used are harmful to the human endocrine system, and that’s been proven.

Donkeys and other animal products are not as regulated, though. There also hasn’t been much research on if these chemical fragrances are harmful to our animals. So I choose to use essential oils that I know are safe for me and my donkeys.

The amazing thing is a lot of my donkeys will lean in to smell an essential oil. Something they have never done with a fake fragrance.

donkey care

So tapping into my skincare and essential oils knowledge I came up with this simple but effective salve.  This is what is in it and why.

Comfrey oil is one of my all-time favorites for skin healing. Its an excellent source of vitamin B12 and allantoin! I make a comfrey oil infusion. 

If you do not know how to make an herbal oil infusion you can check out this post- Donkey Grooming {FREE Recipe Coat Conditioner) where I explain the simple process. You might want to try out my conditioner recipe too. It’s amazing for the coat, mane, and tail.! If you do not want to make an infusion or do not have time to it’s fine to just use olive oil. You will miss out on the benefits of Comfrey and the fly repelling properties won’t be quite as good but it may still work for you. You can also buy it premade here: Comfrey Oil

Cedarwood Oil has been used for centuries to repel flies and other pests. It’s safe for us and the donkeys. Cedarwood also stimulates circulation. My donkeys really seem to like the smell too. I only use Young Living Oils! If you want to sign up with YL and need help getting started please email me! I’d be happy to help. angie@donkeylistener.com

Beeswax is what makes this product a semi-solid salve. It’s an excellent skin healer itself and a great moisturizer. If I don’t have wax from our own hives I buy this one Bees Wax

Here is an article from American Farrier about using beeswax for hoof health too Beeswax to combat fungi and bacteria

Homemade Fly Repellent Ointment Recipe!

Due to the ever rising cost of keeping this website up the exact recipe is now only available in my book or my course, Essential Oils for Donkeys book or Essential Oils for Donkeys Course.

I wish I could give everything for free but with cost being what they are its just not a reality. I will keep the book as low cost as possible. Its FULL of information and worth way more than my asking price, but I want everyone to have good healthy products for their donkeys.

Keep in mind this book and all my books and course guides are free when you join my patreon Donkey Training membership group.

More on Essential Oils Safe for Donkeys

Check out my ebook for more information on using essential oils for your donkeys. Includes instructions to make a basic 6 oil kit, dilution chart, safety info, formulas and more. My course contains the book too!

Essential Oils for Donkeys Book

Essential Oils for Donkeys Course

essential oils for donkeys

Donkey Fly Protection

A donkey fly mask can help with donkey fly protection! I make these fringed fly veils for my herd and they work perfect. They are also easily accepted by rescue donkeys and made with strong paracord so not even my rough boys tear them up. Click the pic for my info!

donkey fly mask

I invite you to sign up for the Donkey Lovers List!

If you have more interest in utilizing essential oils to support your donkeys’ health I invite you to sign you up for my Donkey Lovers List! I share my favorite training tips, natural health care and a donkey story here and there. You are welcome to unsubscribe at any time! 

Essential oils are beneficial to physical and mental health and have really been a great help to my equine!

Natural Donkey Care On a Budget

I’m very passionate about supporting my donkeys’ health with essential oils, herbals, and good food. Their mental health is just as important as their physical health just like it is for us. I’m sure you are interested in that too or you wouldn’t be here! My donkeys being in good health means fewer vet bills for me and a happier life for them.

The other thing is making your own products can save you money if you are like me, a donkey owner on a budget! 

Natural donkey care on a budget is possible and worth it. Also, you may get aromatherapy benefits from the oils you use on your donkeys. That’s like a two for one! 🤣

Have an awesome week filled with your life in balance with your donkeys!!!!

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