Donkeys for Sale in Tennessee

I have a program I call the 4 R’s; Rescue, Rehab, Retrain and Rehome. Just taking them in without getting them healthy, gelded and giving basic training to them to be handled doesn’t help break the cycle that keeps them ending up back in auctions and kill pens. I have to re-home donkeys as they get healthy and trained so I can help more donkeys in need. Some donkeys I even train for advanced skills, such as riding or driving if time allows. 

I want to help you find the perfect donkey that will fit your needs. If I don’t think I have a donkey to fit what you are looking for, I will tell you! The donkey’s happiness is important to me. 

🌟ALL Donkey are trained with a foundation of positive reinforcement and come with my Natural Donkey Care ebook and the Foundation Level 1 Training course. ALL donkeys can be brought back here at any time. You can call me anytime with questions and help with the donkey(s). 

Miniature Donkeys for sale in Tennessee (and Small Standard Donkeys)

None at this time

Standard Donkey For Sale (and Large Standard donkeys for sale)


Theo is a rescue donkey I brought home in May. He was extremely neglected but he’s now in much better shape and ready to be rehomed.
Theo is halter and lead trained. Stands tied for grooming and I am working on hoof manners with him. He’s started going on hikes around the farm and learning to wear pack gear.

His hooves had not been trimmed in years but they are looking better with every trim (see pic). He is grey with the cross on his shoulders.
He’s a sweet boy that enjoys being brushed and getting attention.
He’s 10 to 11 years old (vet checked) He is around 11.3 hh

He needs to go to a home with another equine. He can NOT be the only equine. Must have a horse or donkey friend for him.
I require vet and farrier references. For his hooves to keep improving he needs farrier care every 6 weeks.

He likes other donkeys and our horse.

He was with goats for years before as a guardian. So I know he would be fine with goats and he’s good with my goats! But Donkeys need an equine buddy so I can’t adopt him out to someone who doesn’t have a friend for him.

Please read the article linked below about using donkeys as guardians.

Theo’s Video 

He is trained using positive reenforcement methods. Comes with his custom halter and fly veil.


donkey fly maskdonkeys for sale tennessee donkeys for sale tennessee


Lil’G is a very well behaved 3 year old donkey. He’s a wonderful kids riding donkey and I’ve started training him to pull drags. He leads, picks up his feet and loves to be groomed. He’s been on hikes around the farm and he loads pretty good too! 

He is gelded, healthy, beautiful spotted coloring and gets along with everyone.

He’s good with my goats too but I would not consider him a guardian. Lil’ G is way to mild and doesn’t even ‘posture’ when he sees a dog. 

He’s extremely quiet!!! Also not good for a guardian but great if you want peace and quite. Some donkeys bray alot. Not Lil’G though! He needs a home with an equine friend and can not be the only equine. Donkeys are herd animals and do better with another horse or donkey buddy.

He comes with custom fly veil and custom halter and lead.

Lil’G Video 

Excellent gentle donkey. $1200

donkeys for sale tennesseedonkey for sale in tennesseedonkey fly mask

Driving Donkeys For Sale



Guardian Donkeys For Sale

Not all donkeys are cut out the be guardian donkeys. And they need to be set up for success!!! To many people buy the wrong donkey and then don’t take into consideration the donkeys needs. When I have canine aggressive donkeys available, I will list them here. I used donkeys for years to guard my poultry, goats and sheep with success. It takes the right donkey, and the right situation. Please read Using a Guardian Donkey

***See THEO above. He is canine aggressive and has been a guardian with a large herd of goats. 


Mammoth and Riding Donkeys for Sale

Meet Big J.. aka J-Donk! I love this guy.. he was born to be a trail donkey! He is strong, goes over or through anything on the trail, loads wonderfully and has great hoof manners. He’s also really well behaved in camps. I can put him in a stall or in our portable coral panels without issue. 

He’s around 14.hh and tapes around 800+ pounds. J has got that classic American jackstock big bone structure. He’s not a thin narrow donkey!

I’ve had him up for rehoming before but took him down because I wanted to ride him on some more difficult trails this summer to see how he would do… he did excellent! 

I do not recommend J for little kids that do not know how to handle equine. He likes kids but he’s so big and could hurt a kid without meaning too. I also do not recommend him if you have jennies. He is gelded but he still bothers and will mount a jenny in heat. Some geldings just do… He’s fantastic with the other geldings and the horses though. 

I recommend J for someone who wants to trail ride off farm… he rides on the farm too and in an arena, but he shines on off farm trails and loads so good!!! 

Call if you want to know more about Big J. Also his custom made ‘designer donkey’ mohair tack goes with him. Breast collar, britching, bridle and halter. 

Here is a video of his 1st Ride off the farm at a nearby trail

He’s $2500

riding donkey for saleriding donkey for sale

Donkey Rescue TN

I do want everyone to understand I’m not a 501c Donkey Rescue in TN. I’m a donkey trainer, who loves to help donkeys and takes great joy in training donkeys to be the best they can be!

I require you have a vet and farrier to purchase one of my available donkeys. I also like seeing pictures of where they will live.

PLEASE do not contact me to be added to a list to be notified about donkeys when they become available. I have no such list to send out on donkeys for sale in Tennessee. Please only contact me if you see a donkey you think you would like that is available or you have seen me take in a donkey you think you would like to have when its ready for rehoming.

If you would like more information on any donkey I have available and think you can offer the right home, you can call or email me: 423-400-7046 or