Donkey Training Tips {FREE Training Planner}

I’ve read many training tips over the years for equine, dogs even goats. One of the best tips I’ve read was to keep a journal, set official goals and get my donkeys on a more regular training schedule. I couldn’t do it without a Donkey Training journal planner of some kind!

If you have a Donkey then you can be a donkey trainer

I set training goals all the time. This year (2019) a few of my goals were, to train Jeb to drive and to train Jasper into a great hiking buddy and continue his riding training.

I also wanted to start exploring some different bodywork methods to see if they could work for donkeys, like TTouch.

You can read more about +R here Donkey Training Tips and Information

Watching case studies on the different donkeys is helpful too. Very helpful when making my own case studies to help me understand my donkeys better. (A case study page is included in the journal)

Donkey training tips
Learning Liberty Play

I knew to keep on track I would need a planner or journal or some sort. I ordered a Horse training journal but it was a waste of money. There weren’t any goal-setting pages or daily planner pages.. just a bunch of notebook lines and sappy horse quotes. Not what I needed to be successful with my donkeys. 

Being a very planner oriented person, I set out to make my own, which kept me on track so that I not only stayed the course and accomplished my goals but I accomplished more than my goals!

This is a good article on developing a Training Plan for a horse to give some insight into developing a training plan for your donkey Develop a Plan that Works

Donkey Training Membership Group

I want to mention my online donkey training membership group. I post exclusive donkey training videos, books, pdfs and training plans. For less than a cup of coffee, you can watch different donkeys being trained for different things to help you through your own donkey training. Click the link below to check it out.

Donkey Training Membership Group

More Donkey Training Tips

Donkeys taught me really fast that to own a donkey is to become a trainer. 

Where to start can be difficult though! Here’s how I start a plan:
  • I start with the goal setter page. That is my purpose.
  • Then, I gather the donkey training information I need (videos, Youtube, books, membership clubs) to set the plan to reach that goal into steps. I gather the training aids I need which you can read more about here: Donkey Training Information {My Top 5 Training Aids}
  • I record the lesson plan, progress or set-backs. I take notes and make a case study to help me understand my donkey better. There are pages in my journal for each of these things.

donkey training tips

Training Donkeys with a Journal Planner

I wouldn’t have accomplished my goals without planning. I am now offering a planner to other donkey lovers to help them achieve their dream goals with training donkeys! 

You can grab a copy of my Donkey Training Journal Planner here for FREE and print one off for yourself. It’s in PDF form and you can print as many as you like!

This will also sign you up for my Donkey Lovers List where I share more training tips that have helped me, natural donkey care and a few stories here and there. It’s all about living a life in balance with donkeys and providing them with their best life, because they enhance our lives so much if we set them up for success.