Donkey Training Information {My Top 5 Training Aids}

I am happy to share with you this donkey training information. My favorite and most used donkey training aids/tools.

It can be confusing when you are starting our to know what donkey training aids you may need. Each trainer has their own personal preferences. Below I am going to give you a list of mine and I also did a video on why I prefer them specifically.

My Top 5 Donkey Training Aids

      1. A flat but adjustable halter that can be fitted around the muzzle area. You can find these kinds of halters at TSC and other places feed is sold. They are available on Amazon too though. Fitted Halters
      2. Lead ropes. Any will do. Even a dog lead! Again you can find them anywhere horse feeds are sold. I admit to using dollar store dog leads many times though if you are on a shoestring budget.
      3. Clickers! A must-have for clicker training donkeys. I buy them in bulk. They are cheap and convenient to use. These are only $6.99 for a 4 pack Clicker Pack
      4. Treat pouch. I admit to using jacket and hoodie pockets in the winter though 🙂 There are many kinds of treat pouches but this one looks similar to mine:  Treat Pouch.  
      5. A retractable pointer! Like these!

    * I am an amazon affiliate and love to shop with them. The above links are from Amazon. I may make a small commission if you buy through my links but you will not be charged for it. Commissions help me pay for this website so I can continue to provide donkey training information.


The Donkey Training Information Video: My Favorite Training Tools and Why

Here I explain why these are my favorite training tools. If you haven’t already please subscribe to my youtube channel. I typically add donkey training videos or a donkey care video twice a month

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