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I do not personally think donkeys are hard to train but finding the resources and putting together a training plan can be difficult for many people. If you want a nice well-trained donkey don’t let that stop you though. As a donkey trainer myself I’m offering some different options to help other donkey owners.

 I offer these 4 donkey training options.

  1. Your donkey can board here until he is trained for a monthly fee. I only take on 1 client at a time as a boarder to train to ensure I can give your donkey the proper attention needed to get the training done as quickly as possible. I only take geldings.
  2. You can schedule a lesson with your donkey here on my farm and trailer your donkey here or if you are within 30 minutes of my farm I can come to your farm.
  3. Sign up for my online Donkey Training Membership group. Video’s, training plan examples, books, consultations.  For less than the cost of a cup of coffee, you can get exclusive videos and stream anytime that’s convenient to you.  Donkey Training Online
  4. You can take classes here at the farm with my donkeys. I offer 2 classes. Basic Donkey Handling and Care, Tack and Riding Donkeys. Contact me for more info and to schedule.

Hire a Donkey Trainer and Take a Class

You can take classes on my farm here in TN and learn about donkeys. I offer 2 classes right now. Click the link to go to a PDF with the class outline. Classes are $60 each and last from 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours.


Methods for Donkey Training

My methods for any training are based on positive reinforcement science-based training. I get results without excessive force and high-pressure methods. You can read more about positive reinforcement here Donkey Training Tips and Information

Traditional horse training methods often don’t work well for donkeys and can leave them sour and want to avoid humans. My methods have my donkeys happy and ready for more training. They never avoid me or develop sour temperaments. 

donkey trainer

What are the pre-requisites for hiring me as your donkey trainer?

  1. Current Coggins and UTD on vaccinations if you want to have your donkey trained at my farm.
  2. If you choose to board and have your donkey trained you must agree to have a lesson before you take your donkey home. It’s included in the cost. I want to make sure you are able to communicate with your donkey for what he’s been trained in! Very limited availability for boarding/training and no intact jacks. I train Geldings only at the farm.

For more information about availability and pricing please email me at or call 423-400-7046

Want to be your own donkey trainer?

You can sign up for my Donkey Lovers List where I share training tips and natural donkey care information. Along with inspiration and a few donkey stories from my herd!