Donkey Tack

Equipment made special for donkeys, aka, Donkey Tack is hard to find! Over my years training donkeys, one of the most asked questions is, “where can I find a donkey halter?” Or some other piece of tack to fit a donkey. 

In fact, the only thing I miss about horses over donkeys is the large amount of tack choices! Nothing fits donkeys! Even if I find something made for a donkey, most of the time it’s really plain and boring or just ugly. 

The Easy Fit Donkey Halter

Making Donkey Tack

Tired of the bad fitting and boring tack choices, I decided to learn to make my own donkey tack! I’ve got a background in costume design, fiber arts and sewing, so why not?

Not only make it, but also design it with the donkey in mind. Example: The donkey needs more space for its ears, so I made a special, more comfortable, donkey bridle for my guys. (donkey headstall) 

Another example: The donkey responds to nose pressure, but only well if the pressure is in the right place and the communication is clear. So traditional rope halters never work as well as on donkeys as they do horses. Usual styles of mule tape halters were worse!

Donkeys (and mules) also respond well to under the chin signals of communication, so I knew I wanted some tack designed to fit the donkey with that feature.

I’ve tried hard to be in tune with the donkey’s responses and not let my choices of training tools of tack be formed by people who still insist that old horse tools and traditional training method are best. 

I wasn’t happy with typical ‘tacky’ back cinch or saddle pads that a lot of other people recommend. I discovered mohair cinches and tack, which is soft, comfy, doesn’t gall or rub raw spots on my donkeys. Pulled wool saddle pads also made a difference in my saddle fit and my saddle donkey, Jasper, is noticeably ‘preppier’ in them!💖😊

Mohair tack set
Mohair is functional, as it is beautiful. “Wrap them in Love Tack Set”

I’ve invested a lot of money to learn, spent a lot of time designing for my herd and it paid off. Because they move so much better in well fitting tack made just for them.

Donkey tack

Custom Made Just For Donkeys!

Standard donkey tack and mini donkey tack can be the hardest to fit! But not anymore…

Please take a look at my shop of Donkey Tack items. Custom made with simple measurements to ensure a good fit and made unique in your color choice! 

Donkey Listener Shop

I also have donkey training courses, donkey care books and natural donkey care products in my shop. So take a look around and consider something special for your donkey 🌟

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