Donkey Supplements (Donkey Mineral Options)

Donkey Supplements are an important part of a donkey diet. Hay and/or grass is just does not provide a compete diet for donkeys. Limiting pasture grasses and feeding a low sugar hay is the bulk of what my donkeys eat but supplements play a big role in their complete donkey nutrition.

Donkey Supplements

Before I get into the donkey minerals I want to mention a couple of other supplements that work well for my herd. My herbal mineral supplement is fantastic and loved by every donkey I’ve ever offered it too!

When I stopped feeding it for a while I noticed their coat and skin didn’t look as nice. So it adds something to their donkey diet they need! You can find out have to mix it yourself here Herbal Mineral PDF. 

I leave it out free choice every month. It doesn’t last long!

The other thing I add when I give them timothy pellets is an ACV/Garlic infusion. You can read about it here: Donkey Care: ACV and Garlic

Donkey Mineral

Minerals for donkeys can be hard to find. First, all minerals in the USA are made for horses, so there are a lot of things in them that can be harmful to donkeys, like molasses or corn. A donkey mineral block mineral block is out of the question! They are typically loaded with molasses! ugh!

There are some good minerals that can be added to feed. I used CA Trace and Vermont Blend for a long time, but some donkeys would not touch their pellets if even the slightest bit of those minerals was added!

Some donkeys would eat them good for a while but then just stop! Which told me they are getting to much of something. So I wouldn’t feed for a few days amd then re-offer. Minerals ended up getting wasted this way a lot. Good minerals are expensive so this is not acceptable!

I wanted a free choice mineral that they could take what they needed, when they needed and how much they needed! 

Putting together the Donkey Diet

So I searched and searched and of ALL the equine minerals available I only found 3 free choice without molasses and of those only 2 also without grains. I bought both so I could lay out which the herd liked best.

The video reveal is here! Or keep reading…

Rush Creek Organic minerals is the winner!

But some of the donkeys also liked New Country organics. The horse did not like the country organics though! I’ll continue to put out both, but will likely only re buy the rush creek since everyone loved it!

What do you put your donkey supplements in?

One last thing to help you out… there are good ways to put something out and there are ways that are asking for spillage and waste. Here is a video on what has worked best for me. 

Help with Donkey Nutrition

I hope this gives you ideas and helps you out with your donkeys! For more info on donkey care, donkey training and donkey inspiration sign up for my DDL! Also look for coupons and discounts to my donkey care products and donkey tack items!