Donkey Milk Uses

Donkey milk is certainly nothing new. Since ancient times humans have known about donkey milk benefits. Donkey milk benefits for health, as well as donkey milk benefits for skin, are abundant!

Due to the fact that donkeys do not give a lot of milk and aren’t easy to manage in a commercial type dairy setting, knowledge of donkey milk has faded in many modern countries where the volume of products produced is more important than the nutrition of products produced. There are many donkey milk uses and special benefits that make it worth the extra effort though.

Donkeys do not fit every farm, but if they fit yours they can provide more than you think. Their most popular use is as a livestock guardian but what if you would like to get more from your donkeys? Check out this post here What Are Donkeys Used For?  then read on about donkey milk uses today.

As a Health Trend Today

With autoimmune diseases, allergies and digestive problems soaring donkey milk has been gaining popularity because it can address many of these health problems that can’t seem to be helped otherwise. Here is a good article from a nutrition expert that goes over donkey milk uses in nutrition. Nutrition and Donkey Milk

Not just for help with health issues, donkey milk is an all-around superfood.

Donkey milk is a health powerhouse because it contains optimal rates of omega – 3 and omega – 6 fat acids, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and calcium.

Donkey Milk contains many vitamins such as vitamin C (60 times more than cow’s milk), A, D, E and F, and all of these elements make it suitable for children growth and development.

And finally, donkey milk may strengthen the immune system. Which can help the prevention of frequent respiratory virus infections such as bronchitis, pneumonia, cough, asthma, and more.

It is also more than beneficial for those suffering from osteoporosis.

Healing Donkey Milk Desserts?

Yep! For those of us who are milking donkeys for its incredible health benefits or to help with autoimmune issues, being able to use the milk for desserts is a huge bonus.

Desserts using animal milk had not been allowed in my diet for many years until I started milking donkeys. We love our desserts here and the fact that donkey milk has all these incredible benefits allows us to never feel guilty about indulging. 

Donkey milk ice cream, donkey milk fudge sauces, donkey milk chocolates! All healthy and welcome addition to the diet.

 Donkey Milk Panna Cotta …. one of the best desserts I believe I’ve ever made! The natural sweetness of the donkey milk needed no extra sweetener!

donkey milk uses

Donkey Milk Uses in Soap and Skin Care Products

I’m a Licensed Esthetician and I’ve used many skincare products over the years. I’ve even used a lot of high-end products costing in the hundreds while I was in esthetics school. It was part of my education to understand and know the skincare products available. Nothing has compared to skin care products made with donkey milk along with natural herbs that possess benefits for the skin such as chamomile and comfrey.

My Donkey Milk soap is amazing if I do say so myself 🙂 and I’ve received rave reviews from everyone who tried it.  Donkey Milk also makes some of the best lotions I’ve ever used. Age spots literally faded to nothing!

Donkey milk is especially effective for flaky skin, allergy-prone/sensitive skin and mature/again skin. But all can reap the benefits of donkey milk in their skincare. Just like Cleopatra did who kept approximately 700 donkeys to give her the milk she needed to bathe in it.

You can try my donkey milk soap and donkey milk skincare products here Donkey Milk Skin Care Shop

donkey milk uses donkey milk soap

It’s all 100% natural! 

Donkey Milk Uses are many!

Donkeys are a very wonderful blessing on this farm! In addition to their many uses for us on our farm, they have provided us with some very unique products to sell as well as a healthier dairy source that supported my health problems.

If you are interested in keeping and milking donkeys you will want to sign up for my list. A milking donkey will need to be in the best of health and managed organically. They will also need training. I share lots of training tips and natural care stuff, along with a few stories here and there (we donkey lovers love sharing and reading stories about donkeys don’t we!) Sign up for my Donkey Lovers List and get ready to learn about donkeys!

You can also read this article on managing donkeys for milk to help you decide if it’s something you may want to do. How to milk a donkey {Managing a Dairy Donkey}

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