Donkey Leg Protection

“Can I offer my donkey leg protection?” Another common question in the spring/summer months when flies are out biting. They can be very brutal to a donkeys legs. Leaving them bite all over and bloody! 

This can lead to infections so we nee to offer our donkeys leg protection of some kind.

I personally use this: Fly Repellent Ointment for Equine 

Its what is easiest for me but some people prefer using fly boots or leggings. I didn’t have much luck with fly boots on my rowdy herd of boys. They got dirty quickly and rubbed raw spots on their legs.

BUT there are a couple of other cool options that have come across my path this summer I really want to try! 

Donkey Leg Protection Options

Here are a couple of other options to help protect donkeys from flies. 

The first one come to me from an email. David H. shared how he made some really neat no slip donkey leggings for his donkeys! They are alot like the donkeys in pants that work the salt in France. 

Here is how he says he made them and a pic:

I used Size 4T child pull up pants from the thrift store.
Cut the elastic waist band off, then cut pants in half.  See elastic waist band onto one leg of pants, then sew half the plastic quick connect to the other end.  Use a short piece of webbing to the other leg, to hold the other part of the quick connect.
That’s it!  Do the same with the next pair of pants.  I used a length of webbing ( excess from a small ratchet strap) to tie the two suspenders together and keep them in place!
She has had them on for three days and seems to like them… doesn’t try to get them off that I can tell, and they stay in place without issue!
Hope this helps
donkey leg protection
The other neat option that’s getting rave reviews from a fellow donkey trainer in OH, Kimberly Woodford of https://woodfordshollow.com/
She gives these Leg Fringes a great review! She orders them here: 
Might I note that this is a pic of the formerly untouchable Gucci that was featured in MANY of my training videos last year! She’s continued his training and he has flourished!

Hope this Helps!

I most certainly plan to experiment with both of these items! Fly salve works great for my guys but I can see how these donkey leg protection with leggings could be a super nice addition to my herds ‘wardrobe’!

Fly bites hurt and spread disease. Leg protection, ear protection and eye protection is important for your donkeys comfort and protection!