Start Here {Donkey Information Guide to the Website}

Welcome to my website just for donkeys! This page is the donkey information guide to help you navigate my site. I keep adding more donkey information and want to help donkey owners find the info they are looking for easily. Sometimes the drop-down and side menu aren’t enough. Hopefully, this page will assist you.

Donkey Care Guide

If you are looking for general donkey care information and natural health support, I’ve got several articles on the subject. 

Donkey Care [Calming a Stressed Donkey]

Donkey Grooming {FREE Recipe Coat Conditioner)

Rain Rot in Donkeys {FREE Home Remedy}

Fly Repellent Ointment for Equine [Free Recipe]

Homemade Fly Spray for Donkeys

Donkey Care {what to do if your donkey chokes}

Donkey Health Care {Using Essential Oils}

Donkey Health Problems {Dealing With Stress}

Donkey Care: ACV and Garlic

What do donkeys eat? {Herbs for Donkeys!}

How to Groom a Donkey

Cleaning your Donkey Tack {Contagious Donkey Skin Diseases}

Shedding Tool (When do Donkeys Shed Winter Coat)

Gelding a Donkey

Why is my Donkey Limping?

Feeding Donkeys (6 Things all my Donkeys get)

Donkey Care Handbook

Donkey Hooves: Case Study Dylan

Average Donkey Weight

Rescue Donkeys Case Study of Theo and Boone

Rescue Donkey Update: Boone and Theo

Donkey Behavior

Before you can train a donkey, you need to understand some basic donkey behavior.

Are Donkeys Stubborn? {Difficult Donkeys and Training}

How do Donkeys show affection?

Biting Donkey 

Donkey Farm and Donkey Tack

Articles to help with basic donkey farm needs like hay bags, equipment or infrastructure ideas. 

Custom Made Donkey Tack 

Tack Care {Conditioning and Restoring Leather}

Hay Bags {The best and the worst!}

DIY Hay Feeder

Cleaning your Donkey Tack {Contagious Donkey Skin Diseases}

Pulled Wool Saddle Pad (Why its the BEST)

Donkey Halter (Custom made just for donkeys!)

Uses for Donkeys

Wondering what you can do with a donkey? They are not only the most loving, loyal companions but they are useful and help humans. 

What Are Donkeys Used For?

Using a Guardian Donkey

Miniature Donkeys {7 Reasons to have them!}

Hiking with Donkeys

Burro Racing 

Driving a Donkey {Video Series from Start to Cart}

Can You Ride a Donkey? {How much weight can a donkey carry?}

Donkey Training Tips

Basics of positive reinforcement (aka clicker training donkeys), help to getting started.

Donkey Training Information [Getting Started]

Training Donkeys (Gentling and Starting Positive Reinforcement)

Donkey Training Tips {Training Methods}

Donkey Training Tips {FREE Training Planner}

Donkey Training Information {My Top 5 Training Aids}

Mindset for Training a Donkey

Training Techniques beyond Clicker Training Donkeys

Level 1 Donkey Training: Gaining a Donkeys Trust

Training Donkeys: Liberty Donkey, Donkey Agility

How to Train a Donkey Mini Guide to Get Started

Donkey Tricks {7 Reasons Why You Should Teach Your Donkey Tricks!}

Equine Obstacle Course

Donkey Tack (well fitting tack is important for training)

How to Gain a Donkeys Trust : AKA Grooming Training

How to Transport a Donkey {Ultimate Guide to Trailer Loading a Donkey}

How do you teach a donkey to lead?


Driving Donkeys

Articles, videos and inspiration to help you get started driving your donkey!

Driving a Donkey {Video Series from Start to Cart}

How to Train a Driving Donkey {With Videos}

Riding Donkeys

Is a saddle donkey right for you? Should you buy a riding donkey? Can you train a riding donkey? The donkey information guide for riding donkeys will be growing as I’m training a couple of saddle donkeys right now!

Can You Ride a Donkey? (How much weight can a donkey carry?)

Saddle Donkeys

Pulled Wool Saddle Pad (why its the best!)

Saddle Donkey Training Update

Donkey Tack, Donkey Care Books and Donkey Training Courses

My online shop has a lot to offer you and your donkeys! Custom donkey tack (halters, riding sets, etc.) Donkey Care books and Donkey Training Courses. Also Natural Donkey care products, such as my best-selling Fly Repellent Comfrey Salve! 

Donkey Tack, Books, Care Products and Training Courses

If you have donkeys that you want to do train and do activities with , I can almost guarantee something in my shop can help you!

Join the Donkey Training Membership Group

The largest library of donkey training videos anywhere. Exclusive videos of training multiple donkeys! Which means you get to see multiple donkey-nalities being trained. Because I am committed to taking in at least 1 (usually more) untrained rescue a year as well as advanced training for my own donkeys you get training videos from Basic Manners to Advanced Skills! Using my no drama, no trauma donkey training methods. 

You get books, courses, pdf guides along with ALL the videos! The cost of membership helps you with your donkey and it helps fund things like this website, the youtube videos AND it help me with the cost of gelding the rescues I take in for my RRRR program (Rescue,Rehab, Retrain & Rehome). It’s a win all around!

Donkey training
Click Pic to Read ALL about the levels of membership that can help you be successful with your donkey!

A Little About Me and Donkeys

How do Donkeys Help Humans?

Available Donkeys

Hire a Donkey Trainer {Training Donkeys}

Donkey Lovers List! Donkey Information Delivered to your Inbox!

The Ultimate Donkey Resource List

A listing of links to books, videos and products I love and use. I created this list for my DLL readers so they will have an organized, convenient page to find things I recommend that have worked out for me. To gain access just sign up for the DLL above. If you are already signed up, you know the password! 

Donkey Information: Resource Page