Donkey Hoof Problems

Donkey Hoof Problems send panic all through me! When I see a donkey limping, all I can think is ‘oh please don’t let this be serious’!

Although donkey hoof problems are all serious to me. It used to drive me crazy if I had a donkey with even minor WLD and a farrier said it was fine. It’s not fine, because it can get worse!

When I see a limp I usually think ok donkey hoof abscess or injury due to my herds crazy play fighting. Although it rarely results in injury other than maybe a bite mark on the neck. 

Limping usually, but not always, means an abscess. But I have to check everything else out first. Then I have a protocol I follow to try and help the problem go away quicker. 

Donkey Hoof Problems

In this video, I walk you through what I do when I see a donkey limping and how I treat the hoof when I suspect a hoof abscess. Once a donkey hoof abscess has burst they immediately fill relief and go back to walking and playing normally. 

Donkey Hoof Problems Video: How to check for injury and what to do when you can’t see an injury!

What if the limp isn’t the hoof?

Sometimes it could be a bruise or a twist/sprang muscle in the leg or joint. Check out this article if you think that’s the problem: Why is my Donkey Limping?

Of course you can call your vet!!! I know many people do not have access to a vet that will treat donkeys though. Some people don’t have access to a vet that can get to them within a timely manner. So its good to have a way to give your donkey some relief from pain. I hope this can help you. 

In the Donkey Hoof Problems video I mention using EO’s and a drawing clay I make. You can use whatever you think will help your donkey. Video’s on using EO’s and the recipe from making the hoof clay are in my Donkey Training Membership group and also in my Natural Donkey Care Course. 

Donkey Care Books and Donkey Hoof Problems

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