Donkey Health Care {Using Essential Oils}

The History of Using Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for centuries. They’ve been used on livestock just as they have been used on people for longer than anyone really knows. They are perfect for donkey health care support.

Some of the earliest recordings of essential oil use were by the Egyptians. They used them both for ceremonies and general health. 

During biblical times we know of the precious offering to Jesus of Myrhh and frankincense. Precious oils with many uses in a time when medicine didn’t come in a pill form. These highly potent oils can heal and frankincense is often associated with uplifting. 

The Romans known for their love for education had a hand in spreading the uses of herbs through the writings of their doctors and teachers. There are many pieces of Roman history that reference the use of plants for the essential oils. 

Through out the years many tried and true methods for utilizing essential oils written through historical notes and records.  There are modern studies being released all the time about the effectiveness of essential oils for health care like this study on controlling lice in donkeys Essential oils for managing lice on donkeys


Why would you use Essential oils for Donkey Health care?

There is a simple answer to this for me. Because I know they work. They work on me and they have worked many times for my livestock, pets, and horses. If you don’t have this knowledge you might need more to go on though. So let’s talk about this…

We live in a toxic, stressed-out world that harms our well being sometimes. Essentials oils help support our health both mentally and physically. Donkeys are domesticated animals with instincts from their wild ancestors. Living in a humans world can be tough, more on some than others and essential oils can help bring stress relief to our donkeys’ minds. They need fewer toxins and less stress just like we do. Essentials oils help support this!

Donkeys are forge seeking animals. Always looking for plants! Have you ever watched your donkeys eat? Notice how one day they are all into eating one kind of grass and the next maybe they are eating a small tree. If you don’t have a variety of plants in your pastures you may not ever get to see this behavior. My donkeys live on unimproved natural pastures and wood lots. They do it all the time. So did my goats and sheep. They know what benefits them the most at the right times.

What a healthy donkey seeks to eat one day he may ignore the next. This is just the donkey seeking out things that can regulate and benefit its body the best way possible.  They are actively seeking out different plants to help them.

Essential oils are natural compounds derived from many of these same plants. They are strong, concentrated and can be very helpful! Used wrong they can be very harmful too!

5 Good Reasons to use Essential Oils

  1. They are quick and easy to use!
  2. They are Natural substances from the volatile liquid of plants that support healthy body functions such as having a healthy immune system.
  3. The skin is a large organ with the power to absorb beneficial substances. Essential oils penetrate the skin and affect parts of the brain that control mood and emotions. This allows the oils to support our horses in times of stress and other emotions they may be experiencing.
  4. Essential oils can support your donkeys’ digestive system. We all know how delicate a digestive system can be. Example: I brought home a donkey that was very stressed out and had severe diarrhea. Essential oils soothed her, calmed her emotions down and helped her digestive system get back on track within a day. She was still nervous for her stomach problems had been supported by the oils and this allowed her to eat without getting an upset stomach.
  5. Soothes sore muscles and strained muscles. Who doesn’t love a massage with aromatherapy after a hard week of working out or even a bath with EO’s to relieve muscle tension from your job? Doesn’t it make you feel great? Think of how good your donkeys’ muscles will feel with the same treatment. You don’t have to learn how to massage equine but just an essential oils wash can be super beneficial after a long ride or drive!

Those are 5 good reasons and there are many more!

Safety and using for Donkeys

A quick word about safety, because as I stated before essential oils can be powerful. This can be a great thing if the right oil is used and it’s used properly. It can be a bad thing if you use the wrong oil! Tips for using essential oils of your donkeys the right way!

  • Use 100% Pure, third party tested oils. I only use Young living oils now! The results I get for them doesn’t compare to anything else I’ve used. If you want help getting started with YL email me at angie@donkeylistener.com 
  •  Dilute with carriers oils! I like using olive, flax, and sunflower, but I’ve used many kinds of oils as a carrier. 
  • Essential oils are for topical uses only unless YOU know 100% you are giving them a pure oil at the right dosage and you have experience with using oils like this.
  • Do not put them in your donkeys’ eyes or ears.
  • More is not better! Essential oils are strong! Follow formulas from trusted sources that are using proper dilutions.
  • If your donkey has a reaction use a carrier oil, milk or aloe to rub the area, not water. Water can make it worse.

*** I always allow my donkeys to sniff the oil/oils blend first. If they turn away from it I do not put it on them. They rarely ever turn away so when it happens I listen! Here is a quick video showing me offering to a donkey who wants the EO and a donkey who refuses! 


essential oils for equine

Essential Oils for Donkeys Ebook and Course!

Wrote especially for donkeys and a must-have for your natural donkey care toolbox. Instructions on putting together your own basic kit, an extended list of safe oils, a dilution chart and more! 

You can buy just the book or I now have a whole course available which includes the book! Check them both out here:

Essential Oils for Donkeys book

Essential Oils for Donkeys Course 

essential oils for donkeys

Natural Donkey Care Formulas using Essential Oils

If you’re new to my blog you may not have had time to explore it yet! I have several tried and true formulas here on my website that can cut chemicals out of your donkeys life and help support their help.  

Donkey Care [Calming a Stressed Donkey] 

Homemade Fly Spray for Donkeys  

Tack Care {Conditioning and Restoring Leather} 

Fly Repellent Ointment for Equine [Free Recipe]

 Rain Rot in Donkeys {FREE Home Remedy}

 Donkey Grooming {FREE Recipe Coat Conditioner)

I’ve used these all on my donkeys without problems and with good success! I truly hope they are useful to your donkeys too. After all, we all just want to provide the best life possible for these beautiful creatures that enhance our lives so much! It’s all about helping donkeys live a good life in our human world! 

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