Donkey Halters

Donkeys need donkey halters. Their heads are wildly different from horse heads and can vary in shape even among donkeys that are the same height.

I personally love halters! I love different colors and the different styles of halters. Different halters can have different purposes. 

There are fancy show halters, comfy halters for trained hiking donkeys, there are hybrid halters with side pull rings. There are halters used as training tools that can engage different pressure points for communication. 

Custom Braided Donkey Halters

Why should horses get all the pretty tack? When I started making donkey halters, I didn’t just want good fit. Good fit is most important, but I wanted pretty and unique donkey tack, much like my donkeys!

Styles Currently available:

The Ultimate Donkey Halter Training Package

My favorite halter for an untrained donkey or a donkey learning something new is a well-fitted nylon halter with a special lead that can be used under or over the nose for the most clear communication possible! 

No sliding on my donkey’s face and way less resistance because the signal is clear.

best donkey halter for trainingbest donkey halter for training


The Easy Fit Braided Halter

You pick your colors from the color chart and send me 2 simple measurements for this halter. This halter is unique. There is no hardware on it. The gullet area self adjusts to the donkeys chin and the poll closes at the top with button holes that have been braided into the design. 

This style halter comes with matching lead rope. 


Donkey halterDonkey HalterDonkey Halter


The Easy On Braided Halter Hybrid

This halter style is also called a grooming halter or a tie down halter. I call it Easy On because it’s so easy and its highly adjustable. I double the chin strap to strengthen it and now add extra rings on all of this style halter. That makes it easily used as a training tool for ground driving, or if you ride you can use it as a side pull. 

Matching lead rope available for extra cost. Pick your colors from the color chart on the order page and send me 2 easy measurements for this halter. Click the link or the pics to order this versatile donkey halter.

Donkey Halter donkey halterdonkey halter

More Donkey Halters Coming!

There are more donkey halter styles coming as well as many other kinds donkey tack. Donkey are beautiful, unique and picky about fit. They need tack just for them, and that’s what I’m trying to provide.

You might also what to check out all the custom made donkey tack available while you’re visiting my shop. Don’t forget to sign up to be on the Donkey Listener Shop list for a coupon code. Apply at check out for your discount. If you’re a member of the Donkey Training Membership group you have a coupon code for unlimited use.