Donkey Halter

If you have a donkey, you need a donkey halter! Not a horse’s halter because most horse halters will not fit a donkey. 

The donkey and the horse have very different head shapes. Even donkeys the same height can vary in head shape and size. Having kept donkeys since 2011, I was beyond frustrated with finding not just halters that fit, but all tack my donkeys needed.

So I started custom making my donkey halters and other donkey tack! After owning horses, you take beautiful, well-fitting tack for granted! I missed that! The few custom donkey halter options out there were either ugly or didn’t work for my donkeys.

The first post I made with Jasper in one of my custom donkey halters got loads of comments and messages inquiring about where I got it. I knew I needed to try to offer them to others who not only wanted a well fitting halter but also wanted a halter that enhanced their donkeys beauty.💖

Styles of Donkey Halters

Currently, I offer 4 styles of donkey halters. Some I recommend for an untrained donkey and training sessions. Some are great for an already trained donkey that understands cues and requests. I have a donkey halter perfect for hiking or walks, and I even offer a hybrid halter/bridle.

I’ll go through each one on this page. My core donkeys have multiple halters for different reasons, plus its fun to have options when I take them off the farm!

The Ultimate Donkey Halter Training Package

If you only get one halter for a donkey in training or an untrained donkey, get this one! The training lead is key in clear communication!!! No sliding over the donkeys face placing pressure point knots in harmful places because the lead is in a fixed position at the chin like on common rope halters. To me that’s not a fair signal to the donkey. The nylon halter with use of the training lead is an invention of Linda Tellington, a founder of gentle horse training and equine body work system. 

This changed everything for me with training the donkeys. I take in untrained rescues every year, some abused and they need a crystal clear signal of what I ask them. We can also use this halter for trailering (rope halters are not good for trailering), and great for walks (especially for a donkey that’s new and might pull away). 

To Order: Ultimate Donkey Halter

More info: How the Ultimate Donkey Halter works video

 Donkey halter

Just want a great basic donkey halter? Basic Donkey Halter

I have mini donkey halters, standard donkey halters and also large standard donkey halters which you can find here: Large Standard Donkey Halter

The Easy On Hybrid Halter/Bridle Side Pull {a member only exclusive}

This one is perfect for a future riding or driving donkey because it has extra rings to make it a side pull. It’s also an excellent choice for a riding training session where you might what to jump on at some point.

Sometimes I choose this halter/side pull if I’m hiking with a riding donkey and think I might get tired.. so I can jump on! 😂 Very adjustable and comfortable for the donkey. 

Optional Lead Rope that can also be used as reins. 

To see order info: Easy On Halter/Bridle Side Pull

Donkey Halter/bridle


The Easy Fit Braided Donkey Halter {member only exclusive}

This is my favorite halter for things like hiking or taking walks, farrier visits or to use in training for a donkey that already accepts my role as the leader in our relationship. It gives a light pressure response of tightening around the nose if the donkey decides not to listen.. but loosens quickly when he responds. This style halter fits multiple donkeys (and horses) in my herd too. Easy to grab and go! 

Comes with lead rope. Link to order Order Easy Fit Halter

Watch this video to see how this unique halters works! The Easy Fit Halter 

Donkey Halter

“Designer Donkey,” Mohair Halter

Coming SOON!!!! If you want your donkey to look gorgeous and be super comfy, you will want to see this halter.

Other Donkey Tack Options

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