Donkey Fly Mask

Having a Donkey Fly Mask is sometimes necessary to help prevent flies from getting in our donkeys eyes. Flies cause irritation, infections and just annoy our poor donkeys! 

I started making these donkey fly mask, aka fringed fly veils to help protect my donkeys eyes from flies. I experimented with different materials on my roughest boys and found paracord was absolutely the best option for making them. This mask stays on through rolling and play fighting.

I’ve seen people diy this style mask with hay twine. Unless you have smooth twine, I don’t recommend it. The rough twine gathers debris when they roll and this causes irritation to the eyes. This is also one reason yarn does not work well either.  

The open fringe allows even the rescue donkeys to be more accepting of these masks. A full covered mask is sometimes to much for them.

donkey fly mask
Rescue donkey Theo was very halter shy but accepted the mask using +R methods the first day I offered it to him.

 Other Donkey Fly Protection methods

Donkey fly protection usually calls for multiple strategies, especially on wet years here in the southeast. I also use my chemical free Fly Spray on the donkeys trained to accept it and I could not live without my Fly repellent ointment! On mild days, I sometimes just use the fly ointment but heavy in fly season I use all 3! 

Homemade Fly Spray for Donkeys

Fly Repellent Ointment for Equine [Free Recipe]

Using my donkey fly protection products helps ensure my donkeys are comfortable and if we are training that day they will pay attention to me. Not be distracted by the annoying flies!

Order your own Donkey Fly Mask

To order your own custom made fly mask please click the link below. I will need 2 simple measurements and you can pick from a variety of colors.

Donkey Fly Mask Order Info

donkey fly mask

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