Donkey Facebook Group

Some people know… some people don’t… I have a private Donkey Facebook group called Natural Donkey Care and Donkey Training. 

At first I created it for anyone who wanted in… that didn’t work! I got a bunch of spammers, rude know-it alls looking to argue and some arm chair trainers offering harmful advice.

So I shut it down and only allowed members of patreon to join. At least I know they understand what I’m about (least aversive training methods and natural care support) and they are truly interested in learning about donkeys.

Then I decided I’d allow people who had bought my ebooks or courses. Again, I figure if these people looked into me and bought my resources then they truly interested in learning least aversive training methods for donkeys too.

Donkey Facebook Group

Now I’ve decided I will allow people in even if they haven’t bought anything or they are not a member BUT they have to tell me WHY they want in. Sorry if this seems like a lot of work, but I don’t have a local community of people with donkeys I get to hang out with. This FB group has to reflect kindness towards the donkey and the other people in all things discussed.

I guard this group heavily! No one spams with bogus tshirt ads… no one gives harmful advice…No one puts up fake sales ads to scam you out of money…. no one is rude and makes someone else feel bad just because they aren’t doing everything a certain way. 

I respect the people who are in my patreon, buy my resources and follow my free resources (this website, my youtube and get the Donkey Lovers List) and I want them to never feel there are questions they can’t ask or a joyful moment they can’t share in my little donkey facebook group. 

Wanna Join Up?

You can apply to join my donkey facebook group here if it sounds like a group you would enjoy and you can answer the questions upon signing up: Natural Donkey Care and Donkey Training Group

And don’t forget to join the DDL if you haven’t!