Donkey Dewormer

Need some donkey dewormer help? Prefer a natural dewormer or maybe a chemical dewormer but you’d like to offer natural support to heal the digestive tract? Get parasites to leave quicker! I think I have what you’re looking for! 

I need to state here that I am not a vet and the info I’m sharing is not meant to take the place of a vet. I’m a family herbalist that chooses to use herbs and EO’s to help build the body systems naturally. 

In the PDF I have wrote I share 2 deworming protocols. One using herbs (my favorite) and one using EO’s. I also share how to use herbs and EO’s to help support the system if you choose to use a chemical dewormer.

I offer a few tips to help you manage your donkeys and keep them healthy and parasite free naturally also. 

Donkey Deworming Schedule

Please note, you’re using a dewormer. Not a wormer. I often see people ask for a donkey worming schedule but trust me, its deworming!

In my Donkey Dewormer PDF I also include a deworming schedule. Now you can deworm whenever you think they need it but some people like to stick to a schedule and since we are using herbs and EO’s there is no danger of developing parasite resistance like with chemical dewormers. Most herbs build the body systems and have other benefits besides just helping parasites to exit the body!

donkey dewormer and donkey worming schedule

Donkey Dewormer Protocols Guide

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Please note: This PDF is available in the Natural Donkey Care Course and its also available in my Donkey training Membership group. 

So if you have bought that course or you are a member you already have this available to you! If not, click the link above and check it out! 

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