Donkey Care Handbook

It’s finally here, my ultimate donkey care handbook titled Natural Donkey Care!

Well, the first book is out. It will be a series of 3 books that later will be combined into one huge donkey care book. 

The 3 books that will make up the Natural Donkey Care handbook series 

  1.  The Donkey Physically
  2. The Donkey Mentally and Emotionally
  3. Natural Health Support

Book 1 is now available!

the ultimate donkey care handbook

The Whole Donkey Approach

I set out to write a book based on addressing the WHOLE DONKEY. Not just physical ailments that can affect the donkey, not just training methods, not just herbs that support health, etc. because the best approach to having healthy donkeys is to approach the donkey as a whole. 

For example, if your donkey is having hoof problems and you give it essential oils but do not take into account other factors, like diet, you may not solve the issue. 

Or if the donkey is having behavioral issues so you sign up for training but you didn’t take into consideration that the donkey could be in pain, from say, overgrown teeth, so the training won’t be of help.

When there is a problem, looking at the whole donkey; its lifestyle, shelter, environment, experiences, training methods being applied, possible health problems, mental state, etc. This will help you understand the donkey better. This can help save you frustrations and get to the root of the problem. It can also help you avoid future problems.

This approach can help you set the donkey up for its best life ever. A healthy, content donkey will learn faster and make the most amazing companion you can imagine.

Where can you get the Natural Donkey Care handbooks?

The Natural Donkey care handbooks will all be available on amazon kindle and in my bookshop in PDF form. There are live links in the resource section for your convince. 

The PDF ebook version is nice for those who would like to print off a paper copy, yet you have ebook form to so you can use the links to check out the resources if you like. The version in the membership group is PDF form. 

Donkeys are a huge part of my life

It’s my hope that these books will help everyone get their donkeys healthy and trained for whatever goals they may have in mind. 

My goal is for people to be able to understand and train their own “dream donkeys” like I do. Donkeys can’t learn if they don’t feel good or they are fearful. The whole donkey approach can help achieve what the donkey needs to live his best donkey life and for you to have your best donkey companion. 

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