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Donkey books, donkey tack and donkey care items are available for the donkey lover!

I’m constantly working on new resources to help you with your donkeys. I want you to be successful and I want donkeys to live their best life! Thank You for caring and loving donkeys. 

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 All books and Donkey Training Courses are all sold as a PDF you can download. 

Donkey Tack and Donkey Health Care Items too!

Coming 2021 custom donkey tack and natural health care items!! All made just for DONKEYS!

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Donkey Books and More Information

Need more donkey information? Join my Donkey Training Membership group at tier 2 or 3 and you get ALL books for FREE! There are many PDF’s and other booklets to help you on your donkey training journey in this group. 

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Donkey Resource List

If you are already a reader for the DLL don’t forget to check out the recommended reading on the resource list. Ultimate Donkey Resource List

You will need a password to access the list… it’s especially for my DLL readers and you can sign up for that here:

All proceeds earned goes to help pay for the resources like this website to help people with donkeys and it helps to rescue donkeys. 

I believe that helping people with their donkeys is like helping the donkeys themselves. All donkeys deserve good homes with care givers that love and understand them. 

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