Diarrhea in Donkeys

Diarrhea in donkeys is a fairly common happening. Especially when you take in rescue donkeys! They get parasites, nervous stomach issues from stress, digestive upsets from food changes, or something they might have eaten in the fields. Just like any other mammal. 

Those are the most common reasons you’ll see diarrhea in donkeys. There can be other more serious reasons and if your donkey has this issue longer than a day. If it’s very watery and frequent, you will need to call a vet asap!

For the most part, my simple herbal remedy can help a nervous stomach or mild stomach upset caused by to much food or a food or environment change. It can also help heal a damaged digestive tract caused by parasites.

Donkey Digestive System

Few quick notes about the donkey digestive system. Donkeys have a slower gut transit time than horses and digest fiber more efficiently. Per body weight, they require less dry matter and energy intake. They are herbivores. Meaning they only eat plant material! So please never give your donkey dog food or dog treats or any human food with an animal product in it. This can cause stomach upset and damage to the gut long term.

They are not ruminant like a cow or goat. They are monogastric, meaning they have a single stomach. So what’s nutritionally good for a ruminant might not be good for a donkey. Yes, they all eat plants only, but their digestive systems are different.

diarrhea in donkeys
Walter had diarrhea for several days when he first came to my farm. He didn’t have parasites, he just had an upset stomach from the stress of moving to a new home. Very common!

Diarrhea in Donkeys: How you can Help Support and Calm an Upset Digestive Tract

Let me start by saying I’m never without these 2 herbs!

I’ve been using this simple recipe to help donkeys with an upset stomach and diarrhea for years. If I suspect parasites or my donkey has tested for parasites, I always use an herbal dewormer protocol and these herbs. Because these herbs help soothe any digestive upsets and help soothe the damage gut parasites leave behind!

1 to 2 TBSP of dried Chamomile flowers (depending on the size of the donkey)

1 or 2 Tsp of Slippery Elm powder.

Boil a cup of hot water and pour over these herbs. Steep until cool and pour over timothy pellets. Do this twice a day until your donkeys stomach is back to normal.

The chamomile works to soothe the digestive tract but also works to calm nervous issues. Links will take you to some brands I’ve used. I normally buy all herbs in bulk these days! 

Chamomile is a very nutrient rice herb also! I include it in my Herbal Mineral Supplement. You can purchase it here: Herbal Mineral Supplement or you can buy the Recipe and Info PDF and make your own! 

If a donkey had a large parasite load I might use this supplement treatment for a couple of weeks to help it heal better.

More info on Herbal Support For Donkeys

I have a new course called Care for Donkeys: Natural and Alternative Health Care Support if you are interested in learning more ways to help your donkeys be as healthy as they can be! Just click the link for more info!

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