How do you teach a donkey to lead?

how to teach a donkey to lead

Since, How do you teach a donkey to lead, is a common question it was May’s monthly donkey training challenge! I’ve taught ALL kinds of donkey personalities to lead. Pushy, nippy, unmotivated, not confident, untrusting… young, old, foals, geldings, intact jacks, females. Trust me, all of them can learn to lead and lead well. I’ve … Read more

How to Transport a Donkey {Ultimate Guide to Trailer Loading a Donkey}

how to transport a donkey

Need to know how to transport a donkey? Trailer loading a donkey is just like anything else… you need time, patience and a plan to train them for it. It’s not easy but its’ not difficult if you don’t allow it to be difficult. So change your mind set if you’re thinking it will be … Read more

How to Gain a Donkeys Trust : AKA Grooming Training

donkey training how to gain a donkeys trust

How to gain a donkeys trust by using positive methods makes things a lot easier! This month’s donkey training challenge can help you do that and more! MONTHLY CHALLANGE: GROOMING TRAINING AKA TOUCH ALL OVER!  Every month this year I’m suggesting a monthly donkey training challenge to help give you ideas, inspiration and maybe a … Read more

Equine Obstacle Course

Build your own equine obstacle course

I can’t say enough good things about having an equine obstacle course for your donkeys (or other equine of course). I use mine for every donkey and I plan to make multiple courses as I can. They are not only a fantastic training tool but they are really fun for the donkey and you. My … Read more

Donkey Tricks {7 Reasons Why You Should Teach Your Donkey Tricks!}

donkey tricks

Donkey Tricks  Can donkeys even learn to do tricks? It’s important to remember this: Everything we teach a donkey to do, that he wouldn’t do naturally, is a trick to him! That includes driving and riding… really even leading is a trick to a donkey! When you think about it that way, you’re only limited … Read more

Can You Ride a Donkey? {How much weight can a donkey carry?}

can you ride a donkey? donkey weight

Can you ride a donkey? Am I to big to ride my donkey? How much weight can a donkey carry? These are questions I see over and over again… but it’s a much more complicated question than weight. A good rule of thumb is they can carry 20% to 30% of their body weight in … Read more