Diarrhea in Donkeys

Diarrhea in donkeys is a fairly common happening. Especially when you take in rescue donkeys! They get parasites, nervous stomach issues from stress, digestive upsets from food changes, or something they might have eaten in the fields. Just like any other mammal.  Those are the most common reasons you’ll see diarrhea in donkeys. There can … Read more

Donkey Facebook Group

Some people know… some people don’t… I have a private Donkey Facebook group called Natural Donkey Care and Donkey Training.  At first I created it for anyone who wanted in… that didn’t work! I got a bunch of spammers, rude know-it alls looking to argue and some arm chair trainers offering harmful advice. So I … Read more

Donkey Wounds

Natural wound care donkeys and equine

Donkey Wounds do happen! Donkeys are rough and playful. I deal with cuts, bites and scraps on my donkeys all the time. 99.9% of the time a little comfrey salve heals them up in a couple of days. A donkey reputation to be hardy is well earned. They usually have good immune systems and heal … Read more

Donkey Supplements (Donkey Mineral Options)

Donkey Supplements are an important part of a donkey diet. Hay and/or grass is just does not provide a compete diet for donkeys. Limiting pasture grasses and feeding a low sugar hay is the bulk of what my donkeys eat but supplements play a big role in their complete donkey nutrition. Donkey Supplements Before I … Read more

Cleaning your Donkey Tack {Contagious Donkey Skin Diseases}

Donkey tack

Why clean old donkey tack? Do you like to buy used tack? Ever think about how not cleaning tack could affect your donkey? Recently I bought up a huge lot of used tack. Major score! I love saving money and a lot of this stuff looked brand new. A lot was in good shape but … Read more