Caring for Donkeys: The Ultimate Guide to Spring Donkey Care Part 1

Caring for donkeys in the spring has a big focus on fly protection for donkeys and shedding help because donkeys are very late to shed their winter coat. 

So I put together this article with links to all my articles on these subjects. What I do to protect my donkeys from flies and the tool I use to help them shed their thick winter coats.

When do Donkeys Shed their Winter Coat?

New donkey owners caring for donkeys usually ask this Common question. Especially if they have horses or other livestock. Donkeys do not shed their coat near as early as other livestock. We are entering May here in TN and my guys are barely letting go of any winter coat yet.

My goats are shedding their cashmere like crazy though! The husband horse is almost shed out already but the donkeys are still very fuzzy. That’s ok! Did you know their hair actually helps protect them from bug bites? It also helps protect them from sunburn if you’re in an area where the sun gets really strong quickly. Their slow shedding season lets their skin get used to the hot sun.

When it starts getting hot their winter coats do get itchy. So I use a shedding tool to help relieve the itching and speed up the shedding process just alittle. 

I never clip my donkeys because that would absolutely cause skin irritation and sun burn here unless I stall kept them. Which they hate! They enjoy a natural herd life and that’s really the healthiest thing for them. 

The shedding tool I use is expensive but its the only one that I have found that works well on even the wooliest of donkeys! Like Walter…

natural fly repellent for donkeys

For more info: Shedding Tool (When do Donkeys Shed Winter Coat)

Fly Repellent for Donkeys

I make a donkey fly mask or fly veil and sell them in my shop. Here are 2 FREE youtube videos I have done about Fly Veils:

The first one is the pros and cons of the 2 styles of fly protection

This is a short showing how easy it is to put on!


This is where you can order a custom fly veil for your donkey, there is a link to show you how to measure: Custom Fly Veil Order

Natural Fly Repellents for Donkeys

Donkey won’t wear a fly mask? Here’s what to do… 

The best fly repellents for donkeys I’ve ever found are the ones I make! They are safe for the donkeys and the family. They are all natural and you can DIY them with my recipes or you can buy the Fly repellent salve for my here: Donkey Fly Repellent Salve

You might want to read more about why it works in this article. There is also a link for how you can get the recipe if you prefer to DIY it!

Its keeps flies off donkeys legs, protects donkey ears from flies and more! Read all about it: 

Fly Repellent Ointment for Equine

Also check out this free training video if your donkey doesn’t like his ears touched. Your Donkey will be standing for his fly repellent in no time!

Homemade Fly Spray for Donkeys

I don’t sell this in my shop, but my homemade fly spray for donkeys is the best if you use the right ingredients! It is very easy to make.

Please go to this link to read more about it and be sure to watch the video on the RIGHT way to apply fly spray. You can’t just spray in the air toward the donkey and hope for the best. There is a trick to it! If you need help getting your donkey to accept fly spray you might want to join my donkey training membership group.

Homemade Fly Spray for Donkeys

Caring for Donkeys

Ultimate Spring Donkey Care Guide Part 1

I do hope you have found this guide on what is probably the most asked about subjects this time of year helpful. Part 2 will be about spring grass grazing and spring deworming protocols!! 

If you are into caring for your donkeys the best you possibly can and you love a natural approach you might want to check out my course about all things donkey care! Natural Donkey Care: Videos, Books and Pdfs to help you give your donkey the best care ever!