Burro Racing

Burro racing has inspired me to challenge myself. Never in a million years would I think I would be here at age 46 trying to run a 5k. In fact, I think I’ve spent most of my life trying to avoid running.!

I love movement and physical activity. My body at this age feels achy and stiff when I don’t exercise. I’m more of a hiking girl, though. You can read more about hiking with donkeys here Hiking with Donkeys

So this running thing is ALL brand new to me!!

Why Burro Racing?

In the book Running with Sherman ,the author decides to train for the Pack Burro Race out west with a rescue donkey that needed a purpose. It’s a beautiful story of inspiration and recovery. But what really drew me to do this was two things:

  • I needed something else to do with my standards, especially my small standard, Jeb. 
  • I need a new challenge to get me in better shape

Traditionally burro racing was done in Colorado and you can find out more about that here at Western Pack Burro but there are other states out west starting to hold their own races and training groups. Like this one in New Mexico, New Mexico Pack Burros.

I’m nowhere near a state that does a live burro race. That’s ok, I’m doing this for me and my running donkey buddy. It’s not about winning a race for me. The other thing is there are virtual burro races being organized!!!! So we will be entering those when available to give us some extra encouragement.

Also please understand, no one has to run! You could just walk a 5k with your donkey. Nothing wrong with that, and it’s a challenge too! I take loads of walking breaks and probably always will!!!

It’s about you and your donkey

The important thing is, you are doing something with your donkey!

You are getting in better shape for yourself and deepening the bond you have with your donkey. It’s not about winning or how fast you can go. At least not for me. It’s about personal goals and doing something healthy for the donkey. Donkeys in America tend to be overweight. This causes multiple health issues and lessens the quality of their lives. Donkeys need exercise just like humans.

I hope to inspire others to get out and try this or something like with their donkey, so I’m posted my whole journey to 5k in a Vlog on youtube. If I can do it, so can you. I’ll be adding videos to this article as we go until we get to 5k.

Watch, be inspired, grab up a donkey and join us!

Picking a Donkey for Burro Racing

Not all donkeys will be happy with this activity. 

Week 1 of Training 

Week one and 3 attempts at running! You know… it’s hard but feels good!

ALL Vlog Training Videos Until I reach 5k 

To avoid having my site slowed down, I’ll just be posting links to the other videos instead of direct pasting. There may be a lot of videos in this series because it may take me a long time to get to run a 5k!

I talk about a book in some of the videos that really helped me with training. This is the link to it if you are interested Easy Running Plans.

Week 2 Video 5

Week 2 Video 6

Week 2 Video 7

Week 3 Video 8

Week 3, Video 9

Week 3, Video 10

Week 3, Video 11

Week 4, Video 12

Week 4, Video 13

Week 4, Video 14

Week 5, Video 15

Week 5, Video 16

Week 6. Video 17

Want more inspiration, Need training help?

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