Life In Balance with Donkeys

For a donkey to be successful in our domesticated world they do need to learn to do as they are asked. If they don’t, in my experience most people don’t want to keep donkeys very long. Then the donkey is at high risk for ending up in a kill pen. We owe it to the donkey to give them natural health care and basic training. 

Even more so important is we have to be fair to the donkey and understand donkey behavior. We have to ask the right way. 

Donkey Training

This is life in balance with donkeys. We learn about them and they learn to do as they are asked by the person who has taken time to learn about them and gain their trust.

I have an online donkey training membership group available! It’s affordable for anyone who wants to train their donkey! The proceeds allow me to pay for this website, video equipment, editing and hopefully rescue more donkeys in the future. The more trained donkey is the more likely he will have a safe home for his entire life. I really want to encourage everyone to train their donkeys and help any way I can.

Online Donkey Training Membership Group

I believe donkeys have many uses in our modern world and can greatly enhance our lives if we understand how to train and care for them properly.

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How to Train a Donkey

I had to have an understanding of how donkeys think before it was all roses! Then they became my parteners and most amazing companions.

Curious about me, why I have this website and why I keep donkeys myself? You can read about that here: 

How do donkeys help humans? and how they helped me

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